10 prohibited new dishes we need to try this spring

May 23, 2015 - Picnic Time

The feverishness is on and it’s time to go out and try a season’s tastiest new treats ­— from a lip-smacking lobster hurl to a cocktail that tastes like summer on ice.

Hot seafood shack

LoLo’s Seafood Shack; 303 W. 116th St.; 646-649-3356

Leticia Young and father Raymond Mohan offer adult super-fresh seafood on a colorful square during LoLo’s Seafood Shack.Photo: Zandy Mangold

Husband and mother Raymond Mohan and Leticia Young non-stop LoLo’s Seafood Shack in Harlem final fall, though now that a weather’s good it’s unequivocally entrance into a possess — and creation use of a summery backyard, awash in bluish and orange. It feels “like a mini-escape from Manhattan,” says cook Mohan, a internal of Guyana who has a fine-dining credentials and brings both Caribbean and Cape Cod flavors to his menu.

Try a lobster hurl ($19 with a side of garlic fries), served on a boiled Caribbean bread famous as bake that Mohan elevates by adding uninformed spices to a dough. Or put on some latex gloves and flay some shrimp and impulse some crab legs. The grill is still available a booze license, that will shortly move glacial pleasant drinks to a already poetic oasis.

Hot bakery

Dominique Ansel Kitchen; 137 Seventh Ave. South; 212-242-5111

Mini matcha beignets are among a juicy new treats during Dominique Ansel’s latest spot.Photo: Daniel Krieger

Another season, another juicy new provide from Dominique Ansel. But a Cronut creator has outdone himself with not only a new fritter though an desirous new bakery. Dominique Ansel Kitchen serves an wholly new menu of Ansel creations (and no Cronuts). Most are finished to order, elevating butter, cocoa and sugarine to fresh, tawny heights. The chocolate mousse is churned together during a final moment, as is a stuffing for a just-sour-enough lemon-yuzu tart.

In July, Ansel will start portion a dessert tasting menu upstairs.

But if tasty is some-more your thing, there’s also copiousness on offer. For a prosciutto-and-Boursin-cheese croissant, a hammy things is sliced uninformed off a leg and a cheese is piped to order. “Time is an ingredient,” Ansel has pronounced — and it’s a strong juicy one during that.

Hot sandwiches

Lebanese wraps during Souk Sandwich, 117 Sixth Ave.; 212-625-3982

Souk Sandwich’s Lebanese wraps are ideal for picnics.Photo: Michael Tulipan

Head to Souk Sandwich in Tribeca for sandwiches done from crispy, grilled Lebanese bread — consider pita though bigger and thinner — and pressed with courteous part combinations.

Try a Sojuk sandwich ($8) done with sharp lamb sausage, parsley, tomatoes, tahini and garlic salsa or a Arnabeet Mekle ($7.50), a robust vegetarian hang of cooking boiled cauliflower, tomatoes and tahini. There’s no seating save for a few benches outside, though a sandwiches make good journey fare.

“They’re done with caring and wrapped good so a sandwich doesn’t get messy,” enthuses owners Tarik Fallous. “They’re good for eating on a go.”

Hot plates

Five-course tasting menu during Alder, 157 Second Ave.; 212-539-1900

Photo: Alder

Didn’t get a possibility to go to Wylie Dufresne’s WD-50 before a pioneering molecular gastronomy grill hermetic final fall? Here’s a second possibility of sorts. Last week, Dufresne upped a ante during his some-more infrequent grill Alder and started portion a five-course tasting menu for only $65.

While a cost indicate is distant some-more reasonable than WD-50 was, a culinary thrills are still there. Black garlic “potatoes” (pictured) are unequivocally black garlic gnocchi done like potato wedges, floating in a gas that lends a season of Spanish potatas bravas; cooking concludes with a dessert featuring a brick of Brie ice cream, preserved cherries and crumbled Triscuits.

Hot patio

Santina, 820 Washington St.; 212-254-3000

With colorful umbrellas, fruity cocktails and brightly pigmented dishes like a Avocado Trapanese Cecina (inset), Santina is a pleasant vacation in a center of a Meatpacking District.Photo: Stefano Giovannini

When it non-stop in January, Santina’s beachy interiors served as a holiday from a wintry winter. Now that summer is on us, a beach celebration is spilling outward onto a restaurant’s 50-seat square underneath a High Line. With splendid orange-and-blue umbrellas and a fringe planted with pinkish rhododendron flowers and palm-like fronds, it’s a bit of a Italian strand (and a healthy lurch of Florida) in a Meatpacking District.

Reservations are supposed for brunch as good as dinner, so devise in allege and spend your Sunday afternoon sipping an Aperol, chamomile and grapefruit spritz though harshing your hum with a prolonged wait time.

“We wanted to emanate a coastal oasis,” says Santina partner Jeff Zalaznick, “a place where people feel ecstatic to a Amalfi Coast to applaud summer.”

Hot cocktails

Butterfly Pea Flower Kaffir Lime Daiquiri during Uncle Boons, 7 Spring St.; 646-370-6650

This daiquiri has floral flavor.Photo: Michael Sofronski

Most blue food and beverages enclose synthetic dyes that conjure cancer, though not this new indigo-colored daiquiri during Thai grill Uncle Boons. The rum is infused with dusty moth pea flowers to lend it a overwhelming hue. “I have not seen [them] used anywhere else [in a city],” says cook Ann Redding of a blooms, that she imports from Thailand. Juice from kaffir limes, rather than customary limes, gives a $12 cocktail a some-more formidable flavor.

“The splash is floral, herbaceous, citrusy and really light,” says Redding. “It’s super refreshing.”

The Portlandia during Park Avenue Summer, 360 Park Ave. South; 212-951-7111

It takes Park Avenue Summer libation executive Bryan Schneider 12 hours to make a “charred” ice brick in a Portlandia cocktail.Photo: Tamara Beckwith

In an aged “Portlandia” sketch, Andy Samberg plays a changed mixologist who whips Carrie Brownstein adult a “ginger-based scotch splash infused with honey, lemon and charred ice” that also contains cherry tomato, orange zest, homemade bitters, egg whites, egg shell, decaying bananas and a “little bit of love.”

That blueprint is a impulse for a $16 Portlandia cocktail, entrance to a anniversary Park Avenue grill when it switches from open to summer on May 26.

A brew of mezcal, house-made roasted pineapple syrup and orange juice, it’s a backyard Portland celebration by approach of a Flatiron District. The final touch? It’s served over, yes, a large, black “charred” ice brick done from H2O infused with hazed flavor.

To make a special H2O, a fume gun is used to bake timber chips and afterwards hose a ensuing fume into a cosmetic bag half-filled with water; a bag is hermetic and left to lay for 12 hours to interpose a water. A hold of burnt sugarine is combined to a potion for color.

“Imagine if we could skewer a margarita and fry it over a summer barbecue,” says Park Avenue bar executive Bryan Schneider. “That’s what this cocktail tastes like.”

Hot solidified treat

Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich during Maman, 239 Centre St.; 212-226-0770

It’s elementary arithmetic: Ice cream creates Maman’s extraordinary chocolate chip cookies even tastier.Photo: Stefano Giovannini

Since opening in Little Italy final fall, French bakery Maman has gained commend for a chocolate chip cookie, packaged with 3 kinds of nuts and installed with chocolate.

Dessert proof would foreordain that an ice-cream sandwich done with pronounced cookie would be an equally high specimen, and that’s accurately what Maman’s owners devise to supplement to a menu in early June. Two cookies will sandwich a dip of vanilla or coffee ice cream from McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams of Santa Barbara, Calif.

“Our cookie [is] extraordinary on a own, though what creates it one of a best ice cream cookie sandwiches is a multiple of tasty textures,” says co-owner Elisa Marshall of a $7 treat.

Hot view

Pier A Harbor House, 22 Battery Place; 212-785-0153

Take in views of Governors Island and a Statue of Liberty — and some sea oysters (inset) — during Pier A.Photo: Pier A

If five-star views are your summer desire, conduct to drinking-and-dining formidable Pier A Harbor House, that is set within a former domicile of a New York City Harbor Police and Department of Docks. Grab a Dark Stormy ($11) on daub from a infrequent first-floor oyster bar Mix, obstacle a journey list on a square and sip in views of a Statue of Liberty, Governors Island and flitting sailboats and journey ships.

If you’re feeling fancier, conduct upstairs to dual second-floor venues — a Harrison bar and a Hudson Valley-inspired restaurant.

Hot burger

The Spicy Mexican during Black Tap Burger, 529 Broome St.; 917-639-3089

Delicioso! The Spicy Mexican during Black Tap Burger subs in zesty pig chorizo for belligerent beef.Photo: Black Tap Food

The $12 Spicy Mexican burger shouldn’t utterly work. The chorizo patty should be distant too crumbly, too fatty, too sharp to lift a whole hamburger, though it turns out to be only greasy and zesty enough. “The pretence is a hold of apple-cider vinegar,” says Black Tap cook and co-owner Joe Isidori of a house-made Berkshire pig chorizo patty.

Topped with jack cheese, chipotle mayo, pico de gallo and, if you’re wise, some avocado, it’s one of a burger-obsessed city’s many distinguished new contenders. “It hits a foodie throng with a punch,” says Isidori.

Eat it up! Delicious events this weekend and beyond

Low Country Boil during Birds Bubbles, 100B Forsyth St.
Toast Memorial Day with a good potion of Champagne, afterwards get your hands unwashed with a normal Southern boil of shrimp, sausage and corn on a cob. Monday, noon; $95 includes 3 stimulating wines, cooking and dessert; tickets during sosh.com

Saveur Summer Cookout during a Boat Basin Cafe, West 79th Street and Riverside Park
Acclaimed internal chefs will be lighting it adult on a Hudson to flog off a central start of summer. Jun 23, 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.; $99 includes food, beer, booze and cocktails; tickets during saveur.com/saveur-summer-cookout

Hudson Whiskey 10th Anniversary Party during Tuthilltown Distillery, 14 Grist Mill Lane; Gardiner, NY; 845-255-1527

Get out of a city and get disproportionate in a Hudson Valley. The pioneering New York state whiskey distillery is celebrating a decade of brownish-red spirits with a large celebration during a home bottom on a banks of a Wallkill River. Jun 13, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.; e-mail hudson10yr@gmail.com for some-more details

Bon Appétit Brooklyn Grub Crawl, Starts during Habana Outpost, 757 Fulton St., Brooklyn
Explore Clinton Hill’s flourishing grill scene, from a anniversary American grill to a pizza place from a Jean-Georges Vongerichten protégé. May 30, 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.; $149 includes food and drinks during 5 restaurants; tickets during bagrubcrawl.com

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