10 things we schooled during Willie Nelson’s 2017 Fourth of Jul Picnic

July 7, 2017 - Picnic Time

4. PAPERS PLEASE: It’s irritating adequate that in sequence to mount in front of a stage, we have to buy a scarcely $100 “GA Pit” ticket. Or that your chair sheet won’t let we go mount adult front, if a suggestion moves we (got to have that GA Pit pinkish wristband). But was it unequivocally required to be poked by a venue worker only before Willie’s set and asked resolutely for my “credentials”? “What!?” we said, honestly confused. Then, after a second, “I have a pinkish wristband… “ “That’s your credentials,” she replied with an irritated sarcasm. As if my pinkish wristband would, we know, give me entrance to tip papers or concede me to brief a ambassador. A elementary “let me see your wristband” would have been excellent and lost by now.

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