11th Annual Mayor’s Unity Picnic

April 8, 2018 - Picnic Time

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The cold atmosphere and soppy continue didn’t stop a Columbus village from entrance together for a 11th annual Mayor’s Unity Picnic.

Food, music, and fun is what drew a throng together.

Hundreds of people came out to attend a Mayor’s 11th annual togetherness picnic.

It was combined to move a city of Columbus together.

Mayor Robert Smith says a eventuality is a approach to emanate togetherness within a community.

“This is a approach to assistance harmonize a village a city a county and a golden triangle area. When we started a eventuality eleven years ago this was a approach to move a village together. It is a time of food fun and brotherhood to where a adults come together and only have a good time,” pronounced Smith.

Many people attend this eventuality year after year in hunt of a good time.

Lucinda McCleod and Stan Lawrie have both attended a cruise before and pronounced a continue wasn’t going to stop them.

“Coming out here to suffer a festivities and eat some good home cooking catfish,” said McCleod.

“We came here final year and we are members of a base. The village ancillary a Air Force bottom has been so unusual for a final integrate years that we’ve been here and it’s only been a good time, good food good song good time. The weathers not as good as it has been in a past though that’s not going to clean-cut a spirits,” pronounced Lawrie.

People came to socialize, eat good food, and suffer a music.

They come from all over Columbus to assistance support a community.

“Columbus village has been unusual in a time here during a atmosphere force bottom a accessible city and we guys lead with good events and it’s always a lot of fun. Great village support good suggestion together and that only keeps us entrance back,” pronounced McCleod.

This support helps make a cruise value it to Mayor Smith.

“One thing that has speedy me to continue doing this eventuality is since a adults demeanour brazen to it each year and they only have a good time and it amazes me and creates me feel good. Especially as a mayor to where as if people will come out to this eventuality and only consort and listen to a party and only have a good time,” pronounced Smith.

Mayor Smith hopes to continue hosting a cruise with village support.

source ⦿ https://www.wcbi.com/11th-annual-mayors-unity-picnic/

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