2014 Dodgers’ Top Moments Missed Due To Lack Of TV Deal

February 19, 2015 - Picnic Time

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — As pitchers and catchers news to their designated camps to symbol a commencement of Spring training 2015, a series of position players have already arrived to get a conduct start. That shows how many they are prepared for ball deteriorate to begin. Doubtless, we are all prepared for ball to begin, even nonetheless it has felt like Spring and Summer in LA for a final few months anyway. The beauty of ball has always been a ability to engage everyone, from inexpensive seats during a unchanging deteriorate to cruise setups during Spring training. This is a welcomed time of a year, beguiling for each ball fan opposite a country, right?

Well, apparently not every ball fan.

The miss of an agreement between a Time Warner Cable Sports network, who broadcasts Dodger games on television, and other LA-area wire and satellite providers, means Dodger fans might indeed go nonetheless another deteriorate though being means to watch their team.

We take a demeanour during some of a tip moments Dodger fans missed in 2014 due to a miss of a understanding in broadcasting games.

5.) Reemergence of Matt Kemp

2014 saw Kemp play in 150 games as he brought his normal adult to .287 with 25 homers and 89 RBIs. His home run count and RBIs, along with his 77 runs scored, all noted highs given his 2011 season, that statistically surpassed that year’s National League MVP, Ryan Braun. Kemp managed all of 73 games in 2013, following 3 trips to a infirm list and batting .270 with 6 homers and 33 RBI. His 2012 season, that started off on an comprehensive tear, noted a commencement of Kemp’s struggles. After apropos a initial Dodger to record 3 true multi-hit games given 2000, and heading a Dodgers to their best 10-game start given a championship 1981 season, Kemp was placed on a DL with a hamstring injury. The tragedy of Dodger fans being incompetent to see Matt Kemp in his final deteriorate as a Dodger can't be understated.

4.) Bench Emergence

At a commencement of a season, no one approaching former New York Mets application male Justin Turner to “turn” many heads. This was a .280, 86 diversion man in 2013 in New York, who launched himself into a new turn with a Dodgers in 2014, batting .340/.404/.493 with 7 homers and 43 RBI. His flexibility came in outrageous for a Dodgers bar struggling with infield injuries. Fan-favorite Scott Van Slyke, brave and all, also gifted a grievous boost in productivity, improving from .240/.342/.465 with 7 homers and 18 RBI in 2013, to a large .297/.386/.524 deteriorate with 11 homers and 29 RBI in 2014. The presentation of Miguel Rojas’ glove and arm were another splendid mark for Dodger fans, who are used to rooting for a small guy.

3.) Birth of Bubble Machine

Based on how a Dodgers began their 2014 season, many could have pronounced they had a bubble’s possibility on a breezy California day as distant as winning a multiplication and reaching a playoffs. So, that’s accurately what a Dodgers did. Perhaps a biggest investment by a league’s richest group was a $10 burble appurtenance for a dugout, used by players to applaud home runs and build comradery. People who were incompetent to watch live games had to review to YouTube after conference about a now-fabled burble machine. The thing even influenced some controversy, sparking Joe Torre’s impasse and review into a burble appurtenance — an eventuality that came to be compassionately famous as “Bubblegate”.

2.) Josh Beckett No Hitter

As good as a eventuality was, it is equivocal agonizing to contend that a Dodgers’ initial no-hitter in 18 years was not seen by many fans. Josh Beckett, who had missed all though a handful of games in 2013, and who had been a question-mark for a mark in a revolution in 2014, threw a 24th no-hitter in Dodgers story on May 25 in Philadelphia.

1.) Clayton Kershaw No Hitter

As prolonged as Dodger fans had waited for Clayton Kershaw to nick his initial no-hitter, they were incompetent to watch as he roughly done even bigger history. Kershaw was on a verge of a ideal diversion until a Hanley Ramirez blunder fast incited that wish into a no-no bid. That no-hitter was done probable by some astonishingly considerable defensive play, quite on a partial of Miguel Rojas.

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