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Try a ham dogger this Memorial Day

In this week’s part of Mad Genius Tips, FW Test Kitchen sorceress Justin Chapple demos an easy, DIY approach to make turn prohibited dogs. If this believe has we wondering about other ways to customize and accessorize your prohibited dog, we competence be intrigued to learn of these 5 oddity tools.

1. The FrankFormer
This device turns an typical sausage into what a builder describes as a “happy prohibited dog man.” Find habit impulse here.

2. The Ham Dogger
Burger or dog? You don’t have to choose—this apparatus creates prohibited dog-shaped patties of belligerent meat.

3. Rome Drink Holder with Hot Dog Fork Support
This camper’s supporter will reason your prohibited dog over an open fire and cradle your libation within easy reach.

4. The Corn Dog Maker
Skip a outing to 7-Eleven. This apparatus allows we to bake healthier, mess-free corn dogs in a comfort of your possess home. Bonus: It creates other nutritionally offensive fair dishes like Snickers on a stick.

5. Novelty Gun Condiment Dispenser
This tool dispenses both ketchup and mustard from a double-barreled fondle gun. You competence be tempted to buy dual for your subsequent cookout, though keep in mind that it’s all fun and games until someone gets a crazy check from a dry cleaner.

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