5 Tips For Making Your Summer Picnic Last ‘Til Sunset

July 28, 2017 - Picnic Time

If you’re now eating many of your dishes inside, you’re simply doing it wrong. Whether you’re holding your food out to your friend’s roof, environment adult emporium during a song festival, or carting it to a park, summer was done for picnics.

During a comfortable months, there’s simply no bad time to bucket adult a bag, widespread a blanket, and lay cross-cross applesauce while eating a wealthy widespread with your best friends. On your lunch break? Perfect time for a picnic! Running to a beach with your buds? Also a good time for a picnic! Is it your birthday and also only a unequivocally good day? Girl, go out and get your cruise life!

But when it comes to carrying a truly next-level cruise that can final all day, there are certain principal manners you’ll wish to follow. First off, we wish to yield yourself with a bit of accumulation — food correct and location-wise. Also, you’ll wish to be intelligent about your setup. And when in doubt, bringing a diversion is always a good idea.

If we indispensable any cruise inspiration, we’ve teamed adult with Barefoot Spritzer Cans to advise we on how to have a many ~refreshing~ and long-lasting summer cruise this season. Can we make your cruise final a whole day? #YeahYouCan with these useful tips.

Don’t Forget Your Blanket

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This one competence sound a small obvious, though let a initial who’s ever committed a principal cruise impiety of “forgetting a blanket” expel a initial stone. In any event, a initial order of picnicking is insulating your food from a ground. You can opt for a lovable checkerboard pattern as we did, or literally only find any thick-ish piece to lay down underneath you.

Compile A Balanced Spread

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It can be tantalizing to chuck 7 forms of chips into a bag and call it a picnic. But if you’re gonna be out in a object all day articulate and creation merry, you’ll wish to strike a 5 food groups and keep your appetite up. Hit protein, give yourself a starch, and finish off with some fruit to nip on during a end. Your full stomach will appreciate you.

Find Your Shade

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You apparently need a healthy sip of Vitamin D for summer, though we don’t wish to overdo it with sun. The longevity of your cruise depends on anticipating some shade, so keep that in mind when you’re environment adult camp. Bring along a shawl or powerful to strengthen yourself. Or, when in doubt, only twist adult underneath a tree!

Bring A Game Along

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Obviously, a stimulating review of your friends is adequate to keep we going for hours. But who doesn’t adore to addition a party of your besties with a sentimental diversion we used to play as a kid? Checkers, Chess, or Scrabble will unequivocally glow a squad up. But when in doubt, throwing a elementary rug of cards in your purse is adequate to keep a squad out on a grass ’til a object goes down.

Ditch The Corkscrew

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No sit-down smorgasboard is finish but an adult libation to rinse it down. But if we can leave a encircle and a complicated bottles during home, we have a advantage. Consider switching to canned beverages, that are light and need positively no collection to open! Barefoot Spritzer Cans are a good option, and come in 4 juicy flavors.

Now, get out there and toast to summer! And really feel giveaway to share photos of we and your friends enjoying your summer with Barefoot Spritzer Cans on amicable media with a hashtag #YeahYouCan!

This essay is sponsored by Barefoot Spritzer Cans. Please remember to splash legally and responsibly! ©2017 Barefoot Cellars, Modesto, CA. All rights reserved.

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