6 Recipes to Pack for a Picnic

April 23, 2015 - Picnic Time


It’s National Picnic Day! We’re finally saying some good weather, so since not applaud with your possess curated al fresco dining. Whether we select to sup in your backyard, a area park, or out on a trail, here are 6 recipes to pack.

The Food

credit: Adrienne Harris

credit: Adrienne Harris

Don’t worry about cooking anything during a picnic, usually suffer a outdoors. Try these one-dish recipes that can be done in advanced. All you’ll need to do is container adult and conduct to your favorite spot.

Heirloom Market’s Korean Kimchi Slaw. If we prep a night before, a flavors will rise deeper, a cabbage will turn tender. The longer we let a kimchi rest, a some-more it will perturbation and turn spicier. Add baked duck to a salad to make it a meal.

Fuji Apple and Fennel Salad. Both apple and fennel reason good when dressed in advanced. The break is lovely and apple’s healthy H2O calm will keep we feeling hydrated. You can opt to replace a blue cheese if you’ll be in a feverishness for a prolonged time.

Slow-cooked grill pork. Get a crockpot going a night before so that all we have to do is container your cruise a subsequent morning. Plain ole’ white bread is a usually approach to go here. Build your sandwich during a picnic. For a side, trim tender corn off a cob and toss with sliced tomatoes and peppers for a lovely fiesta salad.

Camden’s Favorite Chicken Fingers. This comes from cookbook author Rebecca Lang’s book “Fried Chicken: Recipes for a Crispy, Crunchy, Comfort-Food Classic.” You can make a duck fingers a morning of your picnic, since they ambience usually as good a small chilled, generally with a perky, spiced “comeback sauce.”

Credit: Renee Brock

Credit: Renee Brock

The Drinks

Sweet Tea from Mary Mac’s Tearoom. A ½ crater of sugarine creates this recipe delicious, and it pairs ideally with a violence sun. Unlike sodas that ambience diluted with ice, honeyed tea feels mislaid but a few jingling cubes in a cup.

Pura Vida’s White Sangria. Sometimes, picnics call for some booze. As fruit mulls overnight, sangria becomes juicier and tastier. We compensate loyalty to Poncey-Highlands’ defunct restaurant, Pura Vida, with a mixture that uses 4 alcoholic mixers.

The Basket

And if you’re looking for cruise baskets that are as useful as they are decorative, these options all embody coolers and come with cosmetic booze glasses, china utensils, cosmetic plates, and even a cheese house and knife.

Zingz Thingz Picnic Backpack

Picnic Time Moca Collection

Picnic during Ascot Hamptons

picnic basket

Zingz and Thingz basket


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