A new mop for a governor

November 1, 2014 - Picnic Time

Why Iowa? What is a captivate that brings politicians in droves? Maybe it’s because, out in a tiny towns, a conversations and a thoughts are simpler.

In Wilton (pop. 2,802), a word was out that Gov. Terry Branstad was entrance to city this week. That vehement Thelma Nopoulos, who runs a 150-year-old Candy Kitchen with her husband, George. She could not concede a administrator to be in Wilton though a revisit to a Candy Kitchen.

Thelma set adult dual prolonged tables, flashy with red and blue streamers, and made oatmeal cookies. She discriminating a mirrors on a walls and gave orders to George, who is a smiley-faced 93, to gleam a marble on a soda fountain. Everything had to be spiffy-perfect in the ice cream parlor.

“I even went out and bought a new mop for a floor,” Thelma pronounced in all seriousness.

If anything sounds Iowa, it is that “mop” statement. It would make Grant Wood slap his thigh and contend that removing a new mop for a governor’s revisit sounds typically “Iowa Gothic.”

Branstad sampled a cookies, though he incited down a dip of George’s homemade vanilla ice cream. He didn’t discuss a floor, that had been discriminating with Thelma’s new mop.

The dearth of ‘thank yous’

Dave Hays of Davenport asks, “When creation purchases, have we beheld that it is singular to accept a ‘thank you’ from a clerk or cashier — unless they are comparison folks? This seems to be many prevalent among a younger set. When did ‘have a good day’ reinstate ‘thank you’? Or, my favorite is when given change or a receipt: ‘Here ya go.’ These store folks should be taught that a reason they have a pursuit is since people like me spend income during their store. we consider that deserves a ‘thank you.’ ”

There was a time when …

YOU COULD dial a phone series and get a time and temperature. No blurb pitch, either.

THE FIRST sound when radio hire WOC sealed on in a morning, and a final when it sealed off during midnight, was “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

A time to weep … and to remember

We are hearing of too many deaths of friends of a community. The latest is Jane Hart, who died Tuesday. Her husband, Thom, is a former mayor of Davenport. A memory of dear Jane is a cruise she hosted in her backyard a few years ago for some visiting Russians. One of a Russians was vacant by “all those bizarre small things” on her fridge door. He had never seen photos and other things stuck on Russian fridges. we did a mainstay on that picnic; Time repository did a story. Jane pronounced cave was best. Oh, my.

IT WAS GETTING dim as Diane Darby of Davenport was relocating some plants inside. “I beheld something unusual,” she says. “Next morning, we was repelled to see, in a flower bed, a spring-blooming daffodil called an ‘erlicheer.’ These have been determined in this bed for many years and have never bloomed this late in a year. And afterwards we suspicion of Cozie Dias. (She died Oct. 22.) This flower seemed out of deteriorate on a day of her funeral. we wondered if Coz was adult there only observant ‘hello’ or substantially only messing with us.”

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