A cruise list is a mom of invention

January 17, 2015 - Picnic Time

After Bob Leiviska purchased an 8 feet cruise list for his emporium in 2009, he got to thinking.

He was angry each time he had to pierce a list and an thought came to him. What if dual of a legs had wheels to make it easier to move?

Bob grown a antecedent and a ensuing “Clever Casters” are now accessible to a public.

The thought and a antecedent came naturally to Bob, as he is a co-owner and boss of Aitkin Machine and Manufacturing. The association creates several steel tools for construction equipment, involuntary automobile washes, H2O valves and more.

Once Bob combined a antecedent for a caster wheels, he took it to a Michigan manufacturer that came adult with a skeleton and made 500 sets.

“The singular partial is a hinged pin design,” pronounced Kevin Hoffman. Hoffman Communications was engaged in early 2014 to hoop a selling and inhabitant rollout of Clever Casters.

“It’s unequivocally sobriety during work,” explained Travis Leiviska, Bob’s son and one of a owners along with brother, Jim Leiviska.

The wheels can be commissioned on a legs of one finish of a cruise table. After relocating a table, a wheels redress and a list rests behind on 4 legs. The wheels have an industrial bucket rating of 300 pounds.

The wheels would also work with any object that has adult to a two-inch far-reaching leg such as a work bench, industrial table, emporium equipment, furniture, ladders or sporting equipment.

Clever Casters might be purchased on a website, www.clevercasters.com, for $29.95 and $12 shipping and doing for a set of two. Shipping and doing will not be charged on internal orders that are picked up.

Aitkin Machine

Bob began his machining career in 1967 in California during G.L. Collins. After 8 years during G. L. Collins, he and his family changed behind to a Aitkin area in 1975.

By 1982, he cumulative a high-level government position during a vast appurtenance and prolongation firm. Responsible for training employees on new, cutting-edge machinery, all emporium operations and overseeing prolongation management, Bob came to know each facet of a prolongation machining attention from a belligerent up.

The Leiviskas bought Malmo Machine in 2007, holding over that patron bottom and relocating Aitkin Machine and Manufacturing to Aitkin.

To find out some-more about Aitkin Machine, go to www.aitkinmachine.com

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