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January 1, 2016 - Picnic Time

The Coulee Region is really fortunate.

Every year a Tribune asks readers to share a names of people who have had a certain impact on their communities. Without fail, we accept dozens of nominations for a Tribune Person of a Year designation, any hopeful smashing in his or her possess way.

This year’s honoree, Tara Johnson, perceived a groundswell of support from a far-reaching accumulation of people. But she was frequency a usually estimable nominee. Here is a demeanour during a 2015 Tribune Person of a Year finalists.

Pat Stephens

It’s no warn Pat Stephens was a hopeful — again. The many manifest outcome of his untiring efforts for a La Crosse village is on arrangement any year during this time: Rotary Lights.

But “Mr. Festival” is a long-lived Person of a Year hopeful in no tiny partial since any year is a good one for a peripatetic volunteer.

The 3-million-light, food-bank-supporting plan he helped start and continues to lead is imprinting a 20th anniversary this year, yet “Mr. Festival” is concerned in many projects all year, any year, from Irishfest to Freedom Fest and a La Crosse’s Freedom Honor Flight program, from Riverfest to Airfest.

And a dream he has worked on for years came loyal this year: He’ll lead a collaborative proceed to offered a Coulee Region to a rest of a universe as a halt executive executive of a informal gathering and tourism organization.

Jim Nesbitt, one of a people who nominated Stephens, wrote, “I recently asked Pat how most nap he gets, and in his standard humorous proceed he said, ‘I nap during hours 25 and 26 of any day.’”

Randy Thomson

As owners and conduct instructor of TASK Karate, “Mr. T” has had a certain impact on hundreds and hundreds of tyro by his North Side studio.

In further to instilling in his students a mental and earthy fortify of American karate, he encourages them to join him in contributing to a larger village by ancillary Special Olympics, food drives and a Salvation Army.

Karen Ringstrom

Several readers wrote that Karen Ringstrom’s care in Citizens Acting for Rail Safety deserved special notice.

“Karen has lived as an glorious purpose indication demonstrating how typical adults yet elective titles or special connectors can, with prophesy and concern, turn intent in issues, accumulate people together to act in a common seductiveness of a community, and persevere until they make a difference,” wrote Ralph Knudson, Nancy Heerens-Knudson and Maureen Freedland.

She died Dec. 21.

Dr. Ted Thompson

The Neighborhood Family Clinic and a recently non-stop North Side Elementary School Free Clinic yield many affordable or giveaway services, and patients are treated with grace and respect, according to some-more than one chairman who nominated a “retired” Gundersen physician.

“Dr. Ted Thompson is an inspiration,” Kyle Prentice wrote in nominating Thompson. “His loyalty to a good being of his patients is a resplendent instance of a kind of doctor/patient attribute that is formidable to settle in today’s medical environment.”

Nancy Gerrard and Rick Staff

Gerrard, a co-owner of Gerrard Hoeschler, and Staff, a company’s arch executive officer, have done affordable housing their husband-and-wife group mission, operative with Catholic Charities to assistance settle a homeless preserve and a daytime core for those in need, and formulating St. Francis Homes to boost a batch of decent, affordable housing.

Dick Lommen

The owners and owner/operator of Courtesy Corp. has done his symbol on a Coulee Region by a success of his McDonald’s franchises and many, many free endeavors.

“Dick has empowered many people with collection for success,” writes Mary Jo Werner in nominating him. “For those who need additional assistance, a exposed ones, Dick is there to help. He brings a certain light to people he encounters.”

Dr. Steve Manson

The Gundersen Health System pediatrician is medical executive of a St. Clare Health Mission in La Crosse and a medical proffer during a Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

“He is desired by his patients, their families and flattering most everybody he encounters,” wrote Kris Edwards, one of a people who nominated him.

Tom Thibodeau

The renowned highbrow of menial care during Viterbo University “has poured his heart and essence into creation Place of Grace a welcoming oasis for all,” wrote Jim Hansen in his nominating letter.

“He is an inspirational speaker, either it be in churches, schools, his classes during Viterbo, business conferences, or even introducing low-pitched groups during Leo and Leona’s … his speeches and story-telling never destroy to enthuse those who hear him.”

That flattering most sums it up.

Mary Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick might have late from her full-time pursuit in 2015, yet she hasn’t late from doing good.

As yet 17 years with Catholic Charities, including stints in a agency’s adoptions and puncture services programs, bishopric amicable method and homeless services by a La Crosse Warming Center and a Franciscan Hospitality House weren’t enough, she’s holding a part-time pursuit during Villa St. Joseph, ministering to late members of a Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, in further to her full volunteering schedule.

“She has a heart bigger than anyone we know,” wrote Sister Mary Ann Gschwind in nominating Fitzpatrick.

Tim Kabat

La Crosse’s mayor gets acclamation for his collaborative approach, and courtesy to a city’s housing batch and downtown development, according to one of his constituents.

“Having Tim as mayor has done a really certain disproportion in a city,” writes Marian Schiesser. “ He represents a adults of La Crosse well.”

Barbara and Hugs

A 35-year member of a Coulee Clown Club, Barbara Fisher is always there for people as Hugs a Clown.

“(Fisher) is a master during being an artist of humor,” Gale Bruessel wrote in her assignment letter. “Many, many people call her a crony and can count on her to supplement fun, creativity and adore to any eventuality with her change ego, Hugs a Clown.

“If a jester is indispensable for sanatorium visits, festivals, celebrations, picnics, child daycares, holding someone’s palm or adding special courtesy to an event, we can be certain Hugs is there.”

Jonella Rademacher

More than one of her admirers credited Rademacher with changing a region’s soccer landscape for a improved as an constituent partial of flourishing a Coulee Region United Soccer Association.

“Since apropos bar boss 3 years ago, we have been means to declare first-hand a volume of time and appetite Jonella gives to CRUSA,” wrote Scott Thesing. “She is ardent about a diversion and has dedicated herself to grow a adore of soccer in a area.”

Andrew Londre

He’s a business and income developer for Couleecap, that helps budding entrepreneurs by Co-Mill, a inexpensive space in downtown La Crosse that offers offices and assembly rooms.

La Crosse Soup throng appropriation events have saved a far-reaching accumulation of artistic projects, and Londre’s kickstarter debate is appropriation even some-more such projects.

“It’s all about creation La Crosse ‘more awesome,’” wrote Sue Hessel in nominating him.

The Rev. William J. Reese

The highbrow during Viterbo University is also priest during St. Peter’s Church in New Albin, Iowa, and Evangelical Church of Peace in Crooked Creek, Minn.

In further to pity a radio summary any Sunday, he encourages Christian overdo both locally and abroad.

Matt Boshcka

The list of accomplishments in his assignment minute sound like a lifetime of achievement, yet a 34-year-old businessman is only removing started.

The same year he spent dual weeks building homes for a bad of St. Lucia, he was named a Downtown Rotary Club’s Rising Star. He became partial owners of Valley High Golf Club, his third new business in 4 years. (The other dual are are Dublin Square and Burger Fusion.)

Boshka is on a house of directors for a internal section of Wisconsin Restaurant Association, serves on a house of a Downtown Rotary Club, and is on a Mobile Meals committee.

The Rev. Mark Clements

The Pastor of Living Word Christian Church recently became boss of a International Conference of Police Chaplains. He organizes a yearly military appreciation cruise and provides dishes for officers during Oktoberfest — in further to his complicated bucket as a bishopric pastor.

Richard ‘Dick’ Swantz

The La Crosse Common Council boss was also a vital figure in moulding a city’s educational landscape as superintendent of schools and co-chairman of a fundraising cabinet that helped build a Hmong Cultural and Community Center.

Kevin ‘Kooch’ Carroll

As a teenager, he was a favourite to a younger kids as partial of a Central High School basketball group that went undefeated in a unchanging deteriorate and finished runner-up in a state tournament.

As an adult, he’s a still a favourite — as a clergyman and coach.

“With Coach Kooch, any child has a possibility and any child is welcome,” Melissa Hellwig wrote in nominating a Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau Middle School teacher.

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