After disappearing, Punk Rock Picnic Music Festival to lapse to Long Beach …

June 19, 2015 - Picnic Time


WHEN: 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Jun 27

WHERE: Marina Green Park, 386 E. Shoreline Drive, Long Beach

TICKETS: $45 for ubiquitous admission, children 5-12 years aged are $25. Children underneath 5 are free. Tickets can be purchased a day of or during

For a past year, eventuality upholder Steve Smith has faced critique from song fans, bands and vendors for earnest a song festival in 2013 that never materialized.

After a hiatus, Smith is bringing behind a Punk Rock Picnic Music Festival on Jun 27 — this time to Long Beach’s Marina Green Park — in hopes of saving his name and creation things right with song fans.

“It’s taken me dual years to get it true to where we can do this all over again,” Smith said.

The OC Punk Rock Picnic festival creatively began in 2008 with Scott Litwak and Jim Schwab, who brought in live song and activities such as bowling and drum derby. Smith got concerned in 2011 as theatre manager though had a descending out with Litwak and Schwab, who eventually walked divided from a eventuality in 2013.


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“We didn’t wish anything to do with (Smith),” Litwak said.

Smith denies carrying any impasse with a festival as a promoter. He pronounced a initial time he attended a festival was in 2009 as a roadie for a rope Orange County Stars.

Smith attempted to pierce brazen with a festival on his own, though ran into problems with a eventuality host, a Queen Mary. He pronounced staff during a final notation compulsory additional signage that would have cost $8,000 — income he didn’t have. Officials with a Queen Mary declined to comment.

Through amicable media and coverage from a OC Weekly, Smith faced a charge of a critique for not refunding sheet holders their income in a timely manner. He had to compensate behind everybody individually, that took months, he acknowledged.

Anthony Hernandez, a Hermosa Beach resident, got his reinstate for a $100 VIP sheet he purchased after he approached Smith during a advantage uncover in a South Bay. Hernandez pronounced Smith was discerning to give him his income behind though knows many in a punk village who haven’t perceived anything.

“Usually, when we demeanour during anything that has to do with Punk Rock Picnic, we can see a lot of negativity,” Hernandez said. “Everyone feels like they’re tricked and robbed. Some people I’m certain have let it go and will substantially go to a cruise since that’s punk.”

Angela Miller, a Redondo Beach song photographer, pronounced she spent $160 for an all-access sheet in 2013 after Smith asked her to take photos for a festival. Miller, who has shot photos for renouned bands like Pennywise and NOFX, pronounced she’s never had to compensate to take photos, though figured by purchasing a sheet she would assistance compensate internal acts on a 2013 lineup.

When a eventuality got canceled, she pronounced she requested a refund, though never got a response. Smith pronounced he recently contacted Miller with tickets to this year’s event.

Miller told him she was no longer interested.

“I don’t wish anything to do with it. we only supposed that we wasn’t going to be paid back,” Miller said. “It was a bad experience. we was going by a divorce during a time, and I’m a singular mother, so $160 indeed means something to me. But it’s also done me some-more wakeful of what I’m doing.”

Smith pronounced those who had tickets to a eventuality in 2013 were upgraded to VIP tickets to this year’s festival. Vendors were also given a choice to lapse to a festival or be paid back. Smith pronounced all though dual vendors returned.

“I had to wait until now to build adult a median decent repute of profitable people back, so we can pitch a negativity toward a certain side once we privately paid people behind out of my pocket,” he said.

Some of a bands committed to perform during subsequent weekend’s eventuality embody Discharge, Agent Orange and Cockney Rejects. Jay O’Brien, a member of All Day Long Beach and American Jihad, pronounced he didn’t demur to accept an invitation to perform.

“It’s good to have a song scene,” O’Brien said. “Nobody’s doing anything in Long Beach that’s punk rock. Whatever happened before, (Smith is) perplexing to recover. He’s perplexing to compensate everybody off and get behind on track. we support people that try to do stuff, make things happen. we don’t censure a guy.”

Rick Bottrell, a former festival attendee and theatre manager, is assisting Smith classify this year’s festival.

Bottrell pronounced a dual have worked tough to have this year’s festival make adult for a failure in 2013.

“We’ve solved each singular emanate or complaint. We’ve attempted to residence each censure away and to everybody that had something to say,” he said.

As a longtime eventuality promoter, Smith understands that he can’t greatfully everyone, though his adore for punk song is also what motivates him.

“I had to take a pursuit in Fullerton from a man we met by Craigslist. I’ve had to understanding with an huge volume of problems,” Smith said. “We’re doing it with a possess income and some of a income a personal friends have loaned us. we can compensate everybody behind and work a personal job, or we can try and make this occur and make fans happy.”

Some are still cautious, a view that might be contemplative of a delayed sheet sales.

“I can’t contend sheet sales have been strenuous since it should have sole out already with a lineup that we have,” Bottrell said. “I consider people are watchful since they’re shaken about it being canceled. Our regard is that everybody will wait until a day of a uncover and we have 3,000 people display adult during a booths a day of a event.”

While Litwak isn’t astounded that Smith is still perplexing to put on a event, he pronounced he and Schwab substantially would have continued their eventuality if Smith didn’t taint it.

“He stole a temperament of a show,” he said. “It’s like hidden a automobile or a girlfriend. Had it not been tarnished, we would have continued though during a opposite capacity.”

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WHEN: 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Jun 27

WHERE: Marina Green Park, 386 E. Shoreline Drive, Long Beach

TICKETS: $45 for ubiquitous admission, children 5-12 years aged are $25. Children underneath 5 are free. Tickets can be purchased a day of or during

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