Alicia Bognanno, Bully! Engineering your possess vital tag entrance is no picnic

February 3, 2016 - Picnic Time

Bully creates ardent grunge-pop, and heading a Nashville party is Alicia Bognanno. Fearless go-getter, a thespian also acts as lyricist, frontwoman, guitarist, and audio engineer, with a towering expostulate that garnered a rope a record understanding with Columbia Records. Bognanno’s organisation elbows into a Parish on Thursday with New York’s Diet Cig.

Austin Chronicle: Is it loyal we didn’t collect adult electric guitar until we were 20. How prolonged were we personification before Bully became a band?

Alicia Bognanno: I’m 25 and we was essay Bully things when we was 22. We’ve been a rope for a small over dual years now.

AC: You jumped right in!

AB: Yeah! we had played a small in other bands, not unequivocally guitar, though sang and stuff. we didn’t do any touring, so that was all kind of new with Bully. But yeah, for a many part, Bully was a lot of firsts for me. It’s all a training experience, we know? It’s such a process, generally a initial time we pointer with a label, or get a manager, or work with a engagement agency.

AC: You engineered we Columbia Records debut, final year’s Feels Like. Was that a biggest recording devise you’d worked on?

AB: we consider it was. Prior to that, we had churned a lot of things, though a bill wasn’t there for any other projects to do all with tape, on a console, and in a outrageous studio. we consider it was a initial full record that we worked on. Usually it’s blending a integrate songs for an EP. Before we was operative on my buddies’ things and whatever would come my proceed for, we know, cheap, and we would only do it in Pro Tools.

AC: Was it frightful to proceed a devise of that distance that’s also your vital tag debut?

AB: [Laughs] Yeah. It was terrifying, though once you’re finished with it, it’s a many rewarding feeling ever. You only feel unapproachable to have put yourself by that, since it’s not easy. In a end, it’s unequivocally value it.

AC: Are we essay new element nonetheless – while on debate – or do we need to take time off to lay down and combine on a compositional side of things?

AB: At a turn we’re at, we’re not furloughed in a bus, we don’t have a possess hotel rooms, we don’t unequivocally have any space from any other, most reduction time to lay down and write, so it’s unequivocally formidable to write on a road. Some of it gets done, though it creates a routine proceed slower than it should be or than it routinely is when I’m home. Whenever we have time off, that’s what my categorical priority is. We’re entrance adult on a mangle after this tour, so that’s all we devise on doing for a subsequent integrate months. Usually it only comes and goes, and when it comes we have to only dump all and concentration on it, since we can’t force myself to write anything ever.

AC: Your songs seem to be personal narratives. Do we ever feel perplexity before recording these stories or behaving them during a show?

AB: we get asked that doubt all a time! It’s unequivocally funny. we don’t know why. If there’s things we don’t wish out there, we won’t put it out there, we know? we unequivocally remember a indicate where, during first, it was a small nerve-wracking. we consider if you’re essay something honest or from personal experience, either or not a listener wants to decider we or demeanour down on we for it is their call. It’s out of your hands. I’ve always dignified unequivocally honest songwriting and lyrics, since we consider it can be formidable to do. And if you’re not gonna write something that’s honest and brings some arrange of tension from you, afterwards only don’t write it all, since you’re gonna have to play that strain each night.

AC: Any thought of a ubiquitous instruction for a subsequent album?

AB: Yeah! We have a new strain that we’re personification in a set now. we have some new things in a works, though it’s only so tough to tell, since so many things we write we only chuck divided and don’t finish adult keeping. we consider we know that we wish it to be a small some-more formidable than some of a really, unequivocally simple, elementary poppy Bully stuff. That’s unequivocally all we know.

That’s all I’m perplexing to do as a songwriter: plea myself and make myself play lead tools instead of elementary stroke chords all a time. Do whatever we can to be a improved musician. we know that sounds corny. For Bully, it’s good to take ourselves out of a comfort section and do something a opposite way. Make certain we’re flourishing as musicians instead of only staying in a same place all a time.

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