All-Turkey Team 2014: Gerhart, Stacy, Patterson deep-fried, not succulent

November 26, 2014 - Picnic Time

Baked, boiled or rotisserie flamed, several rarely suspicion of anticipation line have baked owners this season. In disrepute of a practical game’s biggest turkeys, a organisation of Swedish Chefs are here to atmosphere their grievances. Gobble, (expletive) gobble.

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Who is your All-Turkey hopeful during QB?

Brandon – MATT RYAN. While Ryan could unequivocally good breeze adult with his second-best anticipation indicate per diversion sum of his career, as a heavily invested Ryan owner, it certain doesn’t feel like it. He fattenened his numbers in September, throwing 3 touchdown passes in 3 of his initial 4 games. He’s had usually 9 TDs in 7 games since, usually once commanding 273 flitting yards in that camber (he’s outward a tip 20 QBs from Week 5 by Week 12). Clearly, he misses Tony Gonzalez.

Andy – There is though one choice for me here, and it’s CAM NEWTON. When he struggled early, we bought low … and afterwards he went lower. Over his past 4 games, he’s tossed 4 TD passes and 7 interceptions. This is ostensible to be his accessible late-season schedule. Woo.

Brad – MATTHEW STAFFORD. The man we idiotically projected could plea Peyton Manning for a QB dais has left a carton-full of egg on my face. He’s a solitary reason given several of my teams have gifted a late-season swoon. Ranked outward a position’s top-20 in per game, he improved take advantage of Detroit’s auspicious remaining report (Chi, Min, TB, during Chi) or I’m tossing myself into a nearest woodchipper. 

Scott – ALEX SMITH. He’s 18th in scoring during quarterback, so he’s been common in his possess right, though what unequivocally frustrates me is how he’s abrasive a values of other players in this offense. Smith never gives his receivers a possibility to make contested catches, a regressive proceed that’s going to take down a Chiefs, earlier or later. we yowl for a grievous deteriorate Travis Kelce should be having. And while no one likes KC’s wideout organisation much, their touchdown bagel is some-more of a strike opposite Smith. 

Dalton – COLIN KAEPERNICK. He hasn’t been terrible in genuine terms though anticipation wise, Kap has been a vital disappointment. He hasn’t thrown mixed touchdowns in any of a past 5 games and is still looking for his initial rushing measure on a year (while removing a career-low in rushing yards per diversion as well). 

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Who is your All-Turkey hopeful during RB?

Brandon – MONTEE BALL. My preference to breeze Ball early in a integrate leagues was crippling. Yes, partial of a letdown here is damage related. But he was a Grade A turkey a initial month of a deteriorate before he was sidelined. And afterwards a doubt of a Denver backfield, and how prolonged Ball would be out, done him a formidable actor to cut in a deeper leagues that we own(ed) him.

Andy – While we didn’t breeze MONTEE BALL opposite a board, we somehow done a mistake of snagging him in leagues where he couldn’t be so simply transposed (20-teamer and 16-teamer). We can censure partial of a beating on injury, though it’s not as if Montee was pier adult stats during full strength. He’s fundamentally a one share of Denver’s offense that hasn’t warranted a decent return. 

Brad – DOUG MARTIN. A integrate of clever preseason showings was adequate to remonstrate me Martin still had copiousness of gas left in a tank. Myriad injuries and a fibre of unlucky performances later, he will never again reenter my good graces. Nail-in-the-coffin stat: 36.2 percent of his carries this year have left for 1-yard or less. DEAD. TO. ME. 

Scott – BISHOP SANKEY. While rookie wideouts have been a pleasure this year, we can’t contend a same about a first-year using backs. The anticipation village hounded Ken Whisenhunt for weeks, wondering when Sankey would get a chance, though zero special happened when a conduct manager finally flipped a switch. Sankey’s posted a common 3.51 YPC given apropos a de-facto starter, and he hasn’t surfaced 3.9 yards a lift in his final 7 appearances. The watchful wasn’t a hardest partial with Sankey  things got worse when he finally landed a gig. 

Dalton – SHANE VEREEN. I was high on Vereen entering a year, though he usually hasn’t been as large of a partial of New England’s offense as we expected. He has usually one rushing measure on a season, that happened approach behind in Week 1, and he’s gotten some-more than 20 fewer receiving yards per diversion compared to final year. 

Who is your All-Turkey hopeful during WR?

Brandon – PERCY HARVIN. His stink is uninformed in my nostrils after he delivered 1.2 anticipation points opposite a Bills, when we indispensable usually 10 points from him a PPR joining to collect adult a Week 12 feat – 5 catches, 50 yards, is that so hard? Well, as a real-life Seahawks fan and a much-too invested Harvin owner, beating has been a thesis of a maligned receiver’s season. His 3 touchdowns called behind on Monday night in Week 5 given of penalties sums things adult ideally – he’s a autarchic talent tease.

Andy – ANDRE JOHNSON. He’s 8 among all far-reaching receivers in sum targets this deteriorate (103), though he’s like ten-millionth in anticipation scoring. AJ is an all-time receiver entrance off a 1,400-yard deteriorate and comparatively healthy, nonetheless he’s somehow on gait for reduction than 1,000 yards. We can censure a QB conditions (it’s bad), though it was no cruise final season, either.

Brad – KEENAN ALLEN. Expected to build off his irascible rookie campaign, a Charger has gifted a legitimate sophomore slump. He’s rebounded a bit recording 4 double-digit PPR efforts in his past four, though his WR34 arrange is nowhere tighten to a top-10 numbers many banked on. Still, with matchups opposite Baltimore and Denver upcoming, Keenan could save some face. 

Scott – RUEBEN RANDLE. It’s roughly unfit for a anticipation receiver to have a bad deteriorate if a volume is consistently there. Part of that is survivor bias, sure, though if someone keeps saying a targets, prolongation should follow. Randle, well, he breaks all a rules. He’s 13th in far-reaching receiver targets, though 53rd in Yahoo scoring. He’s fourth in WR red-zone targets and sixth in looks inside a 10, though has dual crummy touchdowns. He’s usually hold 55 percent of his targets, and his normal locate is a piddly 10.5. Why do so many keep creation excuses for this guy? 

Dalton – MICHAEL FLOYD. Despite staying healthy and entering his third year in a joining while personification for a 9-2 team, Floyd has been a sum bust. He’s reached 55 yards in usually dual games this deteriorate and has totaled 7 catches for 101 yards over a past 5 contests. Even with Larry Fitzgerald out, Floyd was hold to a crow egg final week. 

Who is your All-Turkey hopeful during TE?

Brandon – ZACH ERTZ. If Ertz were a fair ride, he’d be a spinning teacups – safe, though few thrills to be had. He’s run off 9 true games with 55 yards or reduction (only 1 TD in that span), this notwithstanding personification for a third-highest scoring offense (and fourth in flitting yards) in a league.

Andy – ZACH ERTZ. If we drafted him on my recommendation, we have my frank apologies. Just know I’m right there with you. I’m a fan of a talent, though a targets and touchdowns have been nothin’ special.

Brad – JORDAN REED. Ongoing hamstring setbacks aside, Reed, a renouned breeze day sleeper, has sobered adult those who were dipsomaniac on his potential, me included. In 6 games, he’s averaged 3.8 points per diversion in customary settings, a same outlay as Andrew Quarless. Joy to a world. 

Scott – VERNON DAVIS.  After saying Davis post 4 superb seasons out of five, we suspicion this was a unequivocally protected place to park your income in 2014. He didn’t have a upside of a Graham or Gronk, though building is a nifty thing, too. So many for that idea. Knee, ankle, and behind problems have been partial of a story – costing Davis dual games – though nonetheless, it’s a startle to see him outward a Top 30 during a parsimonious finish position. 

Dalton – ZACH ERTZ. I was entirely on house with all a preseason hype, though instead a 6-5, 250 lb Ertz has somehow been targeted twice all year inside a 10-yard line. Thirty other parsimonious ends have seen more. 

Drown him in gravy. Who deserves to be this season’s Most Valueless Turkey (MVT)?

Brandon – LESEAN MCCOY. Shady cost me a flattering penny in one unequivocally critical auction league, where we motionless to “go for it” by shelling out large bucks for accord tip 2 using backs McCoy and Jamaal Charles. At slightest Charles has delivered pretty on my investment. But, McCoy? Brutal. No. 14 anticipation RB by Week 12 brutal. And, given we possess him in a PPR league,  a problem has been exacerbated by a fact that he’s amassed usually 15 catches for 47 receiving yards in his past 9 games.

Andy – BEN TATE, we’re through. Finished. It’s over. Sorry. I’m saying other injury-prone using backs.

Brad – TOBY GERHART. For those informed with a ‘Fantasy Football Live’ radio show, a musical turkey is named after Gerhart. And for good reason. Pumped adult by fanalysts as a projected league-leader in touches, a ex-Viking has been a gigantic bust. Overtaken by Denard Robinson, he’s turn zero some-more than a purpose player, concealment 8.7 touches per game, a distant cry from a 20-25 grips many forecasted. B-U-S-T!

Scott – ZAC STACY. The 2013 dermatitis was always about volume; Stacy ran in a true line, managed usually 3.9 yards a carry, was typical in a flitting game. Nonetheless, he was a Top 30 collect in many Yahoo leagues. Stacy returned as a same back, singular and unexciting, and with a accurate same YPC. Halfway by a season, it landed Stacy on a bench. He’s logged all of 24 carries given October, examination Tre Mason take over a Rams backfield. 

Dalton – CORDARRELLE PATTERSON. We all knew a risk with Patterson was that he was still a tender track runner, though it’s still startling to see him indeed take a step behind in year two. At slightest he’s been so bad he’s been out of anticipation lineups for good by midst season. 

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