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October 18, 2015 - Picnic Time

Hikers find bliss in state parks now. Depending on latitude, leaflet has incited to heated shades of red, yellow, orange, purple and more, and only as important, many leaves have depressed by November, permitting hikers some-more visibility. In dense, vegetated forests, standard 25-yard views spin into distances a length of one to 4 football fields – or more.

Hunters in a woods during Oct and Nov daunt folks from hiking, though many state parks demarcate hunting. Also, a few places might concede sharpened sports though when we travel in these spots, we see few to no hunters. Just a same, we wear a fire orange vest and hat.

When my oldest daughter was a toddler and a tiny older, we lived in a wooded area on West Road in Belgrade – deer country. It’s improved to be protected than sorry, so we dressed her in splendid orange for personification in a yard. When we changed to an Augusta suburb removed from forests and total a second daughter, they played in a yard though a precaution.

Camden Hills State Park ranks as one of my favorite state parks for tumble hiking in a bottom entertain of Maine. It covers 5,700 acres and provides 30 miles of trails. These trails offer all a walking that many of us desire, even folks in good condition. Steep inclines in a Camden Hills can exam fortitude.

On tip of a trails and acreage, Mount Battie rises to 700 feet and Mount Megunticook to 1,385 feet. These heights might not cocktail eyes open until folks comprehend these summits arise true adult from sea spin right beside a sea – impressive, soaring monuments.

I taught high propagandize English for years, including American literature, so naturally lectured on Edna St. Vincent Millay. The initial verse of her prolonged 1912 poem “Renascence” describes a stage from Mount Battie, including 3 wooded mountains, Penobscot Bay islands and a Atlantic Ocean over a Bay. If we devise to revisit this spot, make certain to find a duplicate of a poem to see Millay’s poise of a landscape and sea outline noticed from Mount Battie.

Songbirds are fewer now than in Jun and furious mammals act some-more covertly after leaves fall, so wildlife sightings are fewer. But a longer views concede us to investigate trees, shrubs and topography better.

I strongly advise critical woodland wanderers buy a National Audubon Society Field Guide to New England and spin to pages 93-95, that uncover silhouettes of deciduous tree class reduction leaves, as good as conifers, a good training assist for identifying local trees in a distance. This manual looks too large to fit into many shirt pockets, though it does trip into such pockets on outside apparel.

The National Park Service and Civilian Conservation Corps incited a area into a park in a 1930s and named it Camden Hills Recreational Development Area. In 1947 it became a Camden Hills State Park. This CCC info tender me since my late grandfather, George Allen, worked in a supervision module that went by that acronym – CCC. It was a brainchild of President Franklin Roosevelt and a Democrats to put Americans to work in a Depression. My grandfather didn’t work in a Camden Hills though did identical projects, and a programs gave solid work in a Depression.

Popham Beach attracts hikers to poke around in a slower tumble months. we adore to travel this prolonged beach now when few people are there to miscarry my reveries. I’ve pronounced this here before, too. Popham Beach from Fort Popham south to a sandbar that goes to Woods Island ranks as one of a some-more pleasing places I’ve seen – a overwhelming scene.

Maine covers 33,215 block miles, an area that roughly duplicates a total area of a other 5 New England states. Hikers can find copiousness of state parks for exploring. Few of us live really distant from a park where we can suffer nature.

A discerning washing list would embody Back Cove in Portland, a 3 1/2-mile route that we walked scarcely daily in 1996, Grafton Notch State Park in Newry, Mount Blue State Park in Weld, Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park in Freeport, Gilsland Farm in Falmouth and a Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge, a favorite end for a late Bill Silliker, a glorious Maine wildlife photographer.

Buy a Audubon New England margin beam and check out all a park suggestions. Now is a time to explore, when satirical bugs are few to nonexistent, tourists have left and temperatures stay cold for walking, even in a center of a day. A grand cruise can make a day a lifetime memory.

Combine a Popham hiking knowledge with a revisit to downtown Bath, a quintessential Maine environment with restaurants and shops to peruse.

Visitors streamer to Popham contingency pass this small, insinuate Maine city.

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