Allentown streets still buried 3 days after storm

January 26, 2016 - Picnic Time

Our area continues to puncture out from this weekend’s blizzard. One of a hardest strike areas is a Lehigh Valley where we saw record sleet fall.

74-year-old Eugene Stefko, with a small assistance from his Allentown neighbors, finally private a mounds of sleet from a snowstorm of 2016 that encased his car. But even yet his car is now sleet free, his alley still looks like an avalanche hit.

Stefko says, “We are not going to get out. We’re not going anywhere.”

He tells us there’s usually one approach to report his situation: “We got a problem. we was ostensible to go to a alloy on Wednesday though we canceled it. we have one kidney and we have to get it checked once in a while.”

Meanwhile, highway crews have shifted their efforts from a plowing operation to a hauling operation.

On Tuesday trucks could be seen filled with sleet before being ecstatic and dumped in several locations on a hinterland of town.

And while removing around by car is still no picnic, roving by feet can infer daunting as well. Neighbors contend some people simply can’t trowel their sidewalks since there’s nowhere to put a snow.

Rose Gellis says it roughly feels like she’s underneath residence arrest.

She says, “We’ve left usually about nowhere. It’s been shoveling and assisting everybody else shovel. You come out a small – we can usually trowel so much, since there’s so most snow. You know what we mean?”

So as a highway crews continue to work around a clock, and city officials continue to ask a people of Allentown to sojourn patient.

Craig Messinger of Allentown Public Works says, “Whatever is necessary, we will do it to take caring of it with a pieces of equipment. It’s gonna take some time removing to all in a city of Allentown. We’re not articulate hours, we’re articulate days.”

Meanwhile, LANTA train use has been easy to what is called “snow road routes”.

Allentown schools will be sealed again Wednesday for a third true day.

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