Andy’s Picnic…One Last Time

August 22, 2017 - Picnic Time

The final 60-plus years have seen many a rod run come and go. Some we can’t remember though others move behind large lustful memories. And there’re changed few that are intertwined within a really lives and one such eventuality is Andy’s Picnic. If there were ever an artless name for an eventuality this one wins a pretension hands down. If there were ever an eventuality that succinct what a rod run should be this one wins a pretension hands down.

Andy’s Picnic that began behind in 1966 (my initial was in ’72) in a place called Crow Canyon in a Castro Valley segment of Northern California. It was accurately what rod runs were dictated to be…all about prohibited rodders removing together with 200-600 of their closest friends and their prohibited rods. Not many other pushing with a difference of some good food and song a eventuality was about prohibited rodders being with like-hot rodders.

You can’t start to know a story on Andy’s Picnic though carrying a small bit of a credentials of a man…and Sue, his wife. (Editor’s Note. Never in a universe of cars will we ever accommodate dual some-more truly good people who will turn your friends for life types. B.B.) While we aren’t even going to start to tackle that journalistic part here we will hold on though a few highlights so that we know because Andy’s Picnic was always deliberate “the one” when it came to rod runs.

Andy picked adult a nickname many years behind and it righteously fits…the Rodfather. The name stranded for any series of reasons though one many confidently will be for his continual efforts to simply expostulate his prohibited rods. He’s been everywhere in his cars for a past scarcely 50 years and during that widen there was one 44 year report that saw him expostulate thousands of miles a year. Can we remember behind to 1969 and a Volksrod run to Gatlinburg. (Fellow prohibited rod publisher Bud Bryan lonesome their exploits on a pages of Rod Custom.) Shortly afterward Andy done a trek to a strange Street Rod Nationals hold in Peoria, Illinois in his American’s Most Beautiful Roadster that had taken home a desired endowment in 1970 during a Grand National Roadster Show. (Do we need to contend a rest is history?)

Andy Brizio, to listen to his possess words, has had only about each form of pursuit during slightest once and they operation was from milkman to rubbish male to a dragstrip starter (not once though twice!). Yet it was with his mother Sue (married behind in ’63) that a span became a twin to be reckoned with (we consider it was Sue who was a smarts behind a operation!).

You haven’t lived a full life if we haven’t had some ups and downs all a while anticipating that there’re a few some-more ups than downs! The ups that we all know operation from Andy’s Picnics, Andy’s Wheels Tires, Andy’s Instant T factory, and Andy’s Tees, a attire company. Having Andy only uncover adult was means for a fun filled entertainment in that Andy would be a initial one station and a final one leaving!

More of Andy’s story is steeped in a story that creates adult a mythological Champion Speed Shop in a Bay Area. Andy along with his lifelong crony and oftentimes messenger on his highway trips was (and is) Cub Barnett when it came their time to take over a speed shop. It was within a walls of this emporium that a Dragmaster Co.’s T-bucket pack was incited into a Instant T, that led to “instant” success. Now many prohibited rodders to be could step off a sideline and join in on a fun…up tighten and personal. This went on from 1966 by 1980. It was a second automobile subsequent from Dragmaster’s tools that developed into a America’s Most Beautiful Roadster in 1970.

The story of Andy Brizio will fill volumes though currently let’s take one final demeanour during one final rod run to finish all rod runs…Andy’s Picnic. The normal pre-picnic party during Mel’s Faye’s Diner start filled with early arrivals and we enlisted a assistance of Dave Wallace, Jr. who has noticed all aspects of a prohibited rodding universe by a lens of his several cameras. There is another pre-event dish this time it is Saturday night during Sutter Creek’s Italian Picnic Grounds for a normal night-before dinner, open to all; 650 dishes served in only over an hour.
The final of a prolonged line of Andy’s Picnics that began in 1966 is entrance to a tighten though a lifelong series of friends that have been done will never end…they are upheld along to a latest stand of rodders who come to suffer what a rod run was meant to be all about. Sit behind and ride by only a sampling of a prohibited rods that were benefaction for Andy’s final go around.

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