Annie: Mother-in-law muddles in home’s marketplace value

October 30, 2015 - Picnic Time

DEAR ANNIE: My father and we have been happily married for 20 years. After a kids were grown, we motionless to downsize. We put a home on a marketplace and changed to a opposite state. My husband’s mom did not wish us to move. She started interfering with a genuine estate bureau that was display a house.

She was given created warnings to stay divided from a property. She afterwards nude all a perennials and trellises and took a cruise list and hoses — anything she could get off a property. She left a vast mess, and we had to compensate someone to purify it up. She wouldn’t stop, so we finally called law enforcement.

Now members of a family have labeled me “psycho” since we filed a complaint, though a internal military haven’t finished anything. Mom continues to arrive during showings and claims she is a caretaker. What can we do to stop this lady though tact some-more ill will? — Fed-Up Psycho

DEAR FED UP: Your mother-in-law’s function is outrageous. Where is your father in all this? He should utterly resolutely surprise his mom that her punitive and mortal actions contingency stop immediately or she risks alienation from his family.

It is apparent that she is so fearful and dissapoint by your depart that she believes her customarily chance is sabotage. You both need to inspire her that vital elsewhere will not keep we from calling, essay and visiting often.

If she is unqualified of adjusting, however, advise she get veteran help.

DEAR ANNIE: we am a 15-year-old freshman. My best friend, “Ella,” recently told me she is constantly depressed. She pronounced she’s sleepy of vital behind a facade and wants people to understand.

Ella told me she’s suspicion about slicing herself. She is customarily a splendid and happy person, so this came as a shock. we can’t assistance meditative that maybe we never knew a genuine girl.

She positively refuses to speak to her relatives since she dislikes them. To me they seem like good parents, though we don’t live in her house. What should we do? we don’t wish to let Ella down in her time of need. — Trying To Understand

DEAR TRYING: If Ella won’t speak about this with her parents, inspire her to speak to a propagandize counselor, a favorite clergyman or another devoted adult. Suggest she get some exercise. It boosts endorphin levels and could make her feel better.

You are a good crony to caring about Ella’s mental health. Both of we can get some-more information by a teenagers site during You also should plead this with your possess relatives so they can assistance we work on it.

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