Annual Chism cruise brief on mayoral fireworks, prolonged on legislature candidates

June 14, 2015 - Picnic Time

A zephyr cooled off a domestic vocalization apportionment of a Sidney Chism village cruise Saturday afternoon. So did a scarcity of Memphis mayoral candidates.

Of a 19 people who have requested subordinate petitions for a Oct. 8 mayor’s election, 3 — Leo Awgowhat, M. LaTroy Williams and Jim Strickland — spoke during a 15th book of a former county commissioner’s annual cruise off Horn Lake Road in southwest Memphis.

Candidate Harold Collins attended though left for another joining shortly before vocalization started. Mayor A C Wharton did not attend, during slightest not by a time a vocalization ended.

Perhaps other possibilities were incited divided by Chism’s publicity of Strickland, that has been famous for some time. “I’m removing ill and sleepy of these people articulate about ‘vote since we demeanour like you.’ That’s crazy mess! You improved opinion for a right person,” Chism said, among a handful of other comments, to open a event.

Strickland delivered a movement on his simple branch speech: Fight crime, purify adult Memphis and, “for a initial time ever, when I’m mayor, we will magnitude opening during City Hall and reason city officials accountable,” he said.

City Council possibilities lined adult in a tent that sat theatre left as a handful of domestic forms stood in front of a theatre and dozens roamed a drift down a tiny hill. Council races guarantee to be constrained in October, too, with 5 open seats (and six, if one depends an open chair in District 7, where claimant Berlin Boyd is portion as a halt legislature member).

District 6, where a cruise is held, is not an open chair — obligatory Edmund Ford Jr. has filed for re-election.

But circuitously District 3, that promises to be open with Collins’ stipulation for mayor, has captivated 8 intensity possibilities who have pulled petitions — including former propagandize house member Patrice Robinson and teachers kinship President Keith Williams. And Super District 8, Position 3 is open with Myron Lowery’s preference to retire and behind his son, Mickell Lowery, for a spot. (The Chism cruise is hold in Super District 8.)

Super District 8-3 claimant Martavius Jones touted his credentials as a financial confidant as an item given Memphis’ parsimonious financial spot.

Super District 9-2 claimant Paul Shaffer pronounced he wanted to “bring change behind to a City Council,” referencing a viewed lean toward business interests.

“I’m Janis Fullilove, a fanciful one,” a Super District 8-2 incumbent, who is seeking re-election, told a crowd. She pronounced she cared some-more about people than large business, and that she’s “tired of people fibbing on this council.”

Former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton roamed a grounds; a male and a child asked for a design with him shortly after he arrived. In front of a span of reporters, Herenton unfolded a duplicate of a 2006 Commercial Appeal essay that pronounced Memphis had a $20 million bill surplus.

And afterwards there was long-lived claimant Awgowhat. He brought a can of Miller High Life to a theatre and sat it down before rising into a debate focusing on a advantages of legalizing pot in Memphis.

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