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June 18, 2015 - Picnic Time

More than 18,000 people broiled underneath a Jul 4 object on Monday, watchful patiently during a Stockyards for that tiny impulse of transcendence that creates Willie Nelson’s Fourth of Jul Picnic value all a money, feverishness and trouble.

And if folks hadn’t found their impulse when Willie strike those informed chords and sang, “Whiskey stream take my mind, ” good then, they had spent a prolonged time in a wrong place.

Full lineup expelled for Willie Nelson's Picnic photo

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Bob Dylan took a theatre during 9:30 p.m. and for 45 minutes, a 18,000 were spellbound. Well, half of them were spellbound. The other half were usually perplexing to figure out what on Earth he was saying. Then he launched into “Like a Rolling Stone” and a floodlights came on during usually a right spot, slicing by a floating dirt to give a whole throng a resounding appearance. There’s your transcendence.

For some it came as early as 2 p.m. when Pauline Reese sang her strain about “Mama Locke and her yellow wine” — a mom of Poodie Locke (who is Willie’s highway manager and owns Poodie’s Hilltop Bar Grill) and her affinity for tequila. And look, adult there on a Jumbotron, there’s Mama Locke.

For others it came when Willie assimilated Johnny Bush on theatre for “I Gotta Get Drunk.” It was after 3 p.m. and a cruise was picking adult steam. Spontaneous dancing pennyless out via a sun-baked crowd.

Willie's Fourth of Jul Picnics by a years gallery

Willie’s Fourth of Jul Picnics by a years

Much of a younger throng found their transcendence when Cross Canadian Ragweed kicked it into rigging a small after 5 p.m. Others were there for Dylan or David Allan Coe.

For a many part, a throng was in usually a right place. The common brew of hippies (young and old), cowboys, yuppies, college kids and oddballs — they were out in force. By dusk a throng had amassed all a characters you’d associate with a Texas outside fest: a dude high-fiving pointless people, a lady in a Texas dwindle bikini who looks like she doesn’t know where she is, a lady dancing to a whole other tune, a big, shirtless man whose sunburn is usually matched by his eyeballs.

“Whoooooooo! (Expletive) and beer!” That’s what a immature Dustin Hughes told me when we asked because he was during a picnic. I’d been examination him for awhile and by a time we interviewed him, he’d mislaid his shawl and was down to one drink during a time.

Still, a Hillsboro resident, who’s been attack a picnics given 1997, was usually carrying fun. Some things about a cruise haven’t changed. Leon Russell still achieved “Jumping Jack Flash.” Bob Cole was still speaker for a good bit of a show. It was still prohibited — yet a zephyr helped out a lot. Joe Wascomb of Huguley Memorial Medical Center pronounced there had been no ambulance calls (as against to 6 final year) and about 100 cases of feverishness exhaustion.

“We’ve been unequivocally lucky, ” he said. “And folks have been a lot smarter this year about celebration water.”

Sgt. Billy Samuel of a Fort Worth Police Department pronounced during 7:30 p.m. that a throng had been impeccable. “Zero arrests, ” he said. “We haven’t even escorted anybody out.” It wasn’t an outlaw picnic. Not by a distant sight. It was a cruise of happy tourists, flattering most summed adult by Kelli Greenleen, a immature picnicker from New Braunfels: “I’m a large Willie Nelson fan and we wanted to see him before he got too aged to play.

“I wasn’t certain who a lot of a other artists were, so it was flattering cold to see them, too.”

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