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January 6, 2016 - Picnic Time

Friends who have enjoyed Cindy Waters’ cooking might call her a insane scientist. “I like to try opposite things, put opposite mixture together, lift opposite concepts together,” Waters said. “I mostly tell them you’re going to be a guinea pig, and they will say, ‘yeah, yeah we’re going to be fine.'” She adds, “I give them satisfactory warning.”

The Arlington Heights prepare says she enjoys a possibility to be creative, to mix opposite flavors and see how they mix successfully.

“It’s being peaceful to try new things, training what works and what doesn’t. It’s that insane scientist entrance out again,” she said.

Cindy attributes her adore of cooking to her family. She pronounced her family has always connected by food and cooking.

“I’ll call my mom and we’ll speak about recipes. She’ll manager me if we have questions. I’ll display her to new dishes or opposite ways to put opposite mixture together,” she said. “I’ll give my hermit some pointers or I’ll call him and contend we wish to try this season profile. What do we think?

“If we can’t get into a food and a cooking review in my family, afterwards you’re kinda left out,” she said.

Cindy might spasmodic rest on her mom’s Italian credentials when determining what to make such as eggplant lasagna or duck cacciatore. But she likes to tinker with Italian cuisine to emanate a multiple one might not expect. Recently, Cindy took her family by surprise, portion grilled Italian sausage on a corn tortilla with a grilled square of pineapple.

“They usually couldn’t fathom it, though afterwards they attempted it and we was giving them seconds. They didn’t consider it would work during all though it did,” she said.

But Cindy not usually likes to warn diners with mixture they might not design to go together though also stir them with healthy mixture and dainty ways to use them.

“I was cooking quinoa approach before it was in a news and people were articulate about it,” she said. “I feel improved when we eat healthy and when I’m pity food with people we caring about, we wish them to eat healthy.”

Relying mostly on grains and beans to emanate go-to dishes, a favorite that she loves to offer for a special arise is her quinoa cake with butternut squash.

“You can use it as an appetiser or a categorical vegetarian dish. Also it can be served comfortable or during room temperature, so it creates a good cruise food,” she said.

If we need a comforting plate to stay comfortable this winter, try her curried red lentil and Swiss chard meal with chickpeas.

“In a late tumble when we have lots of Swiss chard to collect from my garden, this is my go-to recipe,” Cindy said. “I always forget how good it is. Every time we make it we consternation because we don’t make it some-more often. we make large batches and solidify portions.”

Knowing her affinity for beans, Cindy recently perceived for Christmas a cookbook dedicated to regulating heirloom beans and several pounds of heirloom beans.

“My favorite bean is a Christmas lima bean. It’s a large bean that has a reddish-brown flavor,” she said.

While many of a grains Cindy likes to use such as quinoa and farro might be familiar, she is not fearful to try some that are not.

“My brothers brought me chicos behind from Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s dried, smoked corn,” Cindy said.

Whether a mixture are informed or something new, Cindy looks brazen to a new year filled with food adventures and pity those adventures with those she cares about.

“Hopefully, I’ll display them to something new to try and open their eyes to what they might like,” she said. “I get a flog out of that.”

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