Ateeco hosts 10th giveaway village cruise in Shenandoah

September 14, 2015 - Picnic Time

SHENANDOAH — Hundreds of people roamed around a behind parking lot of a Mrs. T’s pierogi plant on Sunday and enjoyed some elementary pleasures during a annual village picnic.

Ateeco Inc., a builder of Mrs. T’s Pierogies, hold a 10th annual cruise display that fun can be as elementary as eating a prohibited dog and some pierogies, sitting underneath a tent listening to song and/or dancing to it, and munching uninformed kettle corn while enjoying a association of family and friends.

Ateeco is a believer of many village groups and projects via a year, though each Sep a homegrown association binds a possess annual eventuality for a village to come and suffer during no cost. All that was indispensable was a giveaway sheet accessible during a internal business. Everyone who entered perceived tickets for a giveaway meal, a giveaway bag of Sweet Granny’s kettle corn and giveaway cinema in a print booth.

Vehicles were parked a homogeneous of blocks divided along Herald Road, a initial indicator of a assemblage only one-half hour after a eventuality began. After entering a grounds, Chris Dende, Ateeco clamp president/human resources, supposing his chronicle of a fair barker in welcoming people between pursuit numbers for bingo games. Dende had some assistance from Nick Twardzik and a Mrs. T’s mascot.

“We unequivocally have a good day pursuit bingo,” Dende said. “Nick is escorting Pierogy Man. That’s his job.”

At another location, Ateeco President Tom Twardzik was holding caring of a counter where participants could representation Wiffle balls during balloons with faces to win prizes. The line of children personification a diversion kept Twardzik operative nonstop.

Company employees worked during a food area, portion adult pierogies, prohibited dogs, hamburgers, snacks and drinks. People waited in line as a volunteers filled plates and afterwards walked underneath tents to eat during tables.

Music was supposing by SpinJammers, and there were inflatable rides, sno-cones, games and other activities. Pierogy Man walked around a parking lot nod children, doing some dancing and removing laughs.

Wayne Holben, Ateeco open family director, was also enjoying a day, with a continue auxiliary in gripping it dry and a small cool.

“I can’t trust it’s 10 years,” Holben said. “Time goes so quickly. It’s flattering cold it’s been going on for these years.”

Holben pronounced a eventuality is critical to many people as a village activity.

“Some of a responses we get is that this is a biggest thing that happens all summer prolonged for some of a people who attend,” Holben said. “That’s kind of nice. People were pursuit for tickets 3 months ago.”

And they came hungry.

He pronounced that in 2014 there were some-more than 900 hamburgers and about 20 cases of pierogies. At 288 pierogies per case, a volume is 5,760.

“We offer lots of food, and if we didn’t have a assistance of a employees who proffer their time, we couldn’t do this,” Holben said. “The loyal testimony of a fact that it has been around for 10 years is that everybody has fun doing it. If they didn’t have fun, we wouldn’t be carrying a 10th one. We couldn’t do it but them.”

Holben added, “At a finish we have ‘The Golden Colander Award.’ It’s a colander that is sprayed bullion and it goes to a worker who seems to do a best pursuit during a picnic.”

Noodles a Clown (Nancy Gottwald), Bethlehem, has been a unchanging during all a village picnics given a beginning, delighting a children with facepainting, balloon animals, sophistry and sorcery tricks. She did some facepainting, afterwards pennyless to emanate her balloon creations. A renouned one this year was Spider-Man.

“I’ve been here 10 years and we adore it,” Noodles pronounced while creation a Spider-Man balloon. “This is what we like about it — we get to see some of a same people and also new people and offer them a hospitality. My favorite thing is when kids mount in line and we give them what they want. It’s not only like, ‘Here’s a balloon.’ we always try to have something new.”

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