Baby, It’s F#*%ing Cold Outside

February 17, 2015 - Picnic Time

Temperature: 3°. Feels like -9°. That’s what everyone’s continue app told them progressing this morning. This is what your bedroom felt like:

Real Feel in your bedroom today.

At press time it’s 9°, and still feels like -9°. Later it’s ostensible to strech 11°, afterwards maybe 19°. After we get next freezing, does a series even unequivocally matter? Even if we strike 21°, a approaching high, no one’s carrying a cruise today.

The customarily disproportion these numbers make is in regards to a volume of time it will take for your limbs to literally solidify once unprotected to a cold. Our continue confidant Joe Schumacher tells us, “At some indicate a feeling of a few degrees disproportion becomes smaller and smaller. Even so, colder temps or breeze chills will solidify unprotected skin faster so it pays to dress properly. I’ve been in -20s continue a few times. Somewhere around there is when your exhale starts solidified on your scarf/beard/eyelashes and a slime starts solidified in your nose.”

Last night, an advisory warned of “life melancholy breeze chills” that “will outcome in ice bite.”

Right now it’s colder than it is in Alaska, by a lot:

Alaska has a customarily arctic tundra in a nation. It is a solidified landscape that Joel Fleishman and other New Yorkers can hack, though never sealed adult for.

If it’s colder in New York than it is in Alaska right now, how prolonged will it take us to fly to Alaska? Are there any bars in New York portion Sour Toe cocktails?

A few some-more questions:

To serve vanquish your spirits, here is a list of places that are customarily colder though this morning are warmer than New York City: Nome, AK (33 degrees), Helsinki (28), Reykjavik (27), Fairbanks, AK (25), Vladivostok (23).

Go ahead, speak it out:

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