‘Back in a Day’ Picnic brings aged friends together

August 4, 2015 - Picnic Time

It was that time of year again. The “Back in a Day Picnic” has turn a Philadelphia tradition with good food, canopies, grills and lots of hugs from aged friends. As always, DJ Kappa Rusty Frye did a fanciful pursuit spinning good music. The fun and intercourse has always been hold in Philadelphia’s pleasing Blue Bell, Fairmount Park.

The “Back in a Day Picnic” began 6 years ago when eventuality cabinet member Barry D. Crawford was desirous to move friends together in an beguiling approach and not only during funerals. This followed a flitting of Michael Johnson.

It was a illusory audience with some-more than 200 intergenerational picnickers. we was overwhelmed to see a mom with her daughter of dual weeks. The continue was ideal and people came from distant and near, including South and North Carolina, New York, Washington, D.C. and California. This cruise committee: Lynda Brown Bagley, Barry D. Crawford, Rusty Frye, Donald Johnson, Malcolm McGraw, Norris Roundtree, Lionel “Tuna” Sharpless and Robert “Bobby” W. Williams III did a good pursuit again this year.

Some of those “Out About” carrying a good time were Jackie Johnson, Robby Chapman from North Carolina, Page Bowser, Michael Dutton from Washington, D.C.; Carol Lawrence Chaoui, from N.J.; Linda Simkins Scott, Barbara Blount Armstrong, Dr. James “Jim Kelch,” Harry C. Thomas, Bill Jones, Derrick Lupton, Calvin Johnson, Bonnie Jones-Moon, Linda James McGregor, Frank Prillerman, Evie Prillerman, Eva Hansen-Douthit, Jackie Johnson, Theodore Duncan, Leroy Howell, Marlyn Oatts, Craig Washington, Ludie Montgomery, Velma Chain-Hendricks, Debra Cower, Winfield Thomas, Michael Williams, Sigrid Johnson, Mike “MJ” Johnson, Edie Page and Sabrina Rodrigues.

Others enclosed a late Motown star Tammi Terrell’s younger sister, Janet Sampson; Barbara Harper, Barbara Merriweather, Rick Harper, Bruce Goldman, Jajuan Falana and Esther Falana, Gary B. Masseaux from Maryland, Diane Baker Freeman, Archie Epperson, Harry Drummond, from Virginia around motorcycle; Robert Scott, Junious Ricardo Stanton, Keith Crawford, Ron Crawford, Walt Holmes, Vincent Foxworth, Spenser Evans, singer and “twister” Chubby Checker‘s brother; Jack Cofield, Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds-Brown, Jimmy Gaines, Jan Harris, Jonathan Bridges, Abby Boyd, Dr. Isaiah ”Ike” Abney and Ruth Garcia, Stephen and Verna Cox, Lynn Jones, Velma Chain-Hendricks, Debra Cower, Winfield Thomas, Michael Williams, Rita Ali, Sigrid Johnson, Mike “MJ” Johnson, Edie Page, Sabrina Rodriguez, Karen Ragland and granddaughter Madison, who assisted with removing donations to assistance defray a cost of a picnic.

One of a traditions of a “Back in a Day Picnic” is for all friends to join hands in a round and call a names of friends and family who are gone, though not forgotten. Among those called many recently over were Earl Brown, a hermit of Lynda Brown Bagley and Angela “Chef Angie” Brown; and Philadelphia High School for Girls classmate Nancy Wyche Morgan. Others concurred enclosed Rodney Johnson, Darryl Spicer, Albert Smith, Cynthia Thompson, Gary Easterling, Ronnie Brown, Ronnie Flowers, Karen Prillerman and Roger Carter. A white pacifist symbolizing adore and assent was expelled before a round of observance was broken.

I join friends, family, college and high propagandize classmates in looking brazen to “The Back in a Day Picnic” subsequent year. We all wish to see a Bridges, Lacy and other families who were incompetent to join us this year.

Have a illusory week. “Out About,” everyone!

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