Back in a saddle: Dude plantation vacation stands exam of time

March 3, 2017 - Picnic Time

We rode a line of horses along a route circuitous between hulk saguaro cactuses soaring scarcely 30 feet in a atmosphere like spiky dried signposts.

Despite being in southern Arizona, we shivered in a Dec winds, a dried hills above us embellished an inconsistent white with frost. Our multi-coloured organisation of a old, immature and fluid plodded along on horseback like a mislaid colonize troupe. Fortunately, a decrepit maestro wrangler heading a route float signaled that a pitch car was in sight.


We were on a breakfast float during Tanque Verde Ranch, a Western review that’s been in business given a 1920s. This float was a homecoming of sorts; I’d finished a same outing as a child when my family of 5 trafficked from a Chicago suburbs to this princely dude plantation over 30 years ago. Now we was behind with 10 of us, 3 generations of family members from opposite a nation to see how a plantation — and a thought of a family vacation — has changed.