Badgers men’s basketball: Bo Ryan has concentration on this deteriorate and not beyond

October 16, 2015 - Picnic Time

CHICAGO — When Bo Ryan arrived during his list inside a swarming ballroom in a Chicago Marriott O’Hare Thursday morning, it was like a University of Wisconsin men’s basketball manager had usually crossed core justice and picked adult his dribble.

He was immediately surrounded by a society of reporters in city for Big Ten Media Day. Ryan had hardly staid in his chair during 10:47 a.m., 13 mins before a scheduled start of his speak session, when he was asked a doubt about retirement.

And so it went for a subsequent 70 minutes. One call of reporters would leave and another would arrive with a uninformed set of questions for Ryan, who released a matter in Jun that he had “decided to manager one some-more season” though has given left a doorway open to remaining during UW over a 2015-16 campaign.

Ryan arrived with a go-to analogy Thursday that he used early and often.

“It’s like me observant during picnic, ‘All right, I’ll have one some-more hamburger,’ ” Ryan said. “How many guys have been during a cruise and had 3 some-more hamburgers when they pronounced they were usually going to have one?”

That didn’t stop a questions.

11 a.m. — A contributor tells Ryan it doesn’t sound like he’s finished adult his mind and asks if he’s going to stay a integrate some-more years.

“No, we haven’t finished my mind about anything other than coaching these guys,” Ryan said. “We’ve got use during 4 this afternoon. Believe me, all I’ve been meditative about (since) this morning when we got adult was a use plan.”

11:04 a.m. — Ryan tries to change a subject.

“The suspicion was to do that in late June, do that afterwards and wish that we could come to Big Ten Media Day and speak about Ethan Happ and his growth and speak about Jordan Hill. So if we have some questions about a players or whatever, I’d adore to answer those.”

11:27 a.m. — An ESPN contributor asks Ryan to explain his matter from a summer. Ryan repeats a hamburger analogy before reiterating he believes UW associate conduct manager Greg Gard is prepared to be his successor.

“Look, we can’t do it forever,” Ryan said. “I’ve got an partner manager that, I’m revelation you, this male is a star. … If we suspicion that Greg Gard could have been a manager this year, we would have (said), ‘Greg, go get ’em buddy. You’ve got my number, call me anytime we want.’ We would not have missed a beat, trust me.”

Even divided from Ryan’s table, a will-he-or-won’t-he retire was a prohibited topic. One list over, Badgers youth brazen Vitto Brown pronounced “none of us” trust this will be Ryan’s final season.

“I wouldn’t even call it an announcement, man, since nobody unequivocally knows,” Brown said. “So we’re usually focusing on a deteriorate right now. He hasn’t altered his opinion during all. We’ll usually see during a end.”

On a other side of a O’Hare Ballroom, Michigan State manager Tom Izzo was charity regard for Ryan.

“If he goes this year, I’m going to skip him since we’ve had a good, deferential adversary and we consider he’s one of a icons in a profession, not usually as a manager though as a male who doesn’t lie and a male who does it a right approach and a male who is reputable by a lot of people,” Izzo pronounced of Ryan, who has led a Badgers to 14 uninterrupted top-four finishes in a Big Ten while compiling a 357-125 record. “If he comes behind another year, it’ll usually be another time we go to Madison and get yelled at.”

Shortly before noon — A contributor tries poking around a retirement subject, giving Ryan one final possibility to offer adult his hamburger analogy. But a manager is finished articulate about picnics. He’s clearly prepared to, well, coach.

“Well, I’m going to practice, guys,” he says. “We have use during 4.”

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