Bay Area storm: Flash inundate warnings, Safeway roof collapses, tree injures …

December 11, 2014 - Picnic Time

SAN JOSE — A vital charge famous as an “atmospheric river” beaten a Bay Area on Thursday morning, trapping a child underneath a tree in Santa Cruz, collapsing a grocery-store roof in San Jose, knocking out energy to thousands and delivering some-more than 3 inches of sleet to some locations.

The charge initial tore by a North Bay, where some of a aloft locations had some-more than 4 inches of sleet by mid-morning and continue to be deluged. Most areas, including Oakland, Concord, San Jose and Palo Alto, had perceived between 2 and 4 inches by 3 p.m.

And a charge didn’t let up, with a National Weather Service arising peep inundate warnings in several communities via a day.

The brunt of a storm, a strongest in 10 hears, streamer south by midmorning, downing energy lines and interrupting service, and causing poignant flooding via a Bay Area.

The continuous sleet battering took a fee on a roof of a Safeway in East San Jose, where a roof collapsed on a furnish territory during a store on East Capitol Expressway circuitously Silver Creek Road usually before 4 p.m. The prejudiced tumble unprotected a 50-square-foot territory of a roof, call a San Jose Fire Department to sequence an depletion of congregation and employees.

As a precaution, a dialect summoned a Urban Search and Rescue team, and they dynamic no one was trapped. One teenager repairs was reported, though sum were not immediately available.

Fire Capt. Christopher Salcido, a dialect spokesman, pronounced a collapse, that also constructed a 75-foot-long moment in a roof, happened solemnly adequate for everybody inside to be means to leave safely.

At a flooded mobile home park in Redwood City, residents were being evacuated in a dusk by firefighters with a tiny boat.

San Francisco’s financial district took a tough strike about 8 a.m. when energy was knocked out for some-more than 85,000 business since to apparatus failure, PGE mouthpiece Jeff Smith said.

As of 6:45 p.m., usually over 4,000 San Francisco business were still though power. On a Peninsula that series was 1,700; East Bay, 1,600; South Bay, 900 and North Bay, 1,700.

The charge also temporarily knocked sports radio hire KNBR off a atmosphere during their morning speak show.

Selected propagandize districts around a area closed, including Gateway School in Santa Cruz, that sent students home shortly after a vast bend from a Cypress tree fell in a school’s stadium and harmed dual students around 8:30 a.m. One of a students perceived teenager scrapes and a other was taken to an area sanatorium for X-rays when his arm was trapped underneath a branch, pronounced Sherri Helvie, partner conduct of school.

“He’s fine. He’s during a hospital,” Helvie pronounced of a tyro usually after a incident. “He’s unwavering and talking, his mom is with him. We design him to be fine.”

Santa Cruz Deputy Chief Steve Clark pronounced a bend fell opposite a cruise list circuitously where children were collected watchful for propagandize to start. “When a tree fell, it trapped a 11-year-old masculine tyro underneath, pinning his arm and shoulder,” he said.

Santa Cruz firefighters used sequence saws to cut divided a branch. An 11-year-old lady was also strike by depressed branches and treated for teenager injuries.

Road, movement knowledge usually uneven problems

Though roads and highways were comparatively transparent into a afternoon since so many people determined continue warnings and stayed home, a San Bruno BART hire was temporarily sealed since of flooding and a Montgomery hire in downtown San Francisco was shuttered bccause of a energy outage that occurred shortly after 7:35 a.m. The Montgomery hire reopened about 1 p.m.

Just stairs divided from a platform, BART commuters and circuitously shoppers pronounced a charge had frequency interfered with their unchanging schedules. With a difference of travelers nearing from SFO, residents Thursday afternoon were comparatively unphased by a effects of a storm.

“It hasn’t been a problem,” pronounced San Bruno proprietor Steven Hill, who took his immature daughter selling during Target on her last-minute day off. “Besides a kids being out of school, and a tiny bit of traffic, there hasn’t been many difficulty during all.”

Uncharacteristically light trade was reported on a Bay Bridge and freeways around a segment Thursday morning, as commuters apparently stayed home to equivocate a deluge.

In Oakland, 32-year-old Maruf Noyoft emerged from a turnstile during a 19th Street BART hire wearing a black sleet coupler with a hood adult and his powerful bending to his pants pocket.

“I didn’t design my sight to be on time though it was,” pronounced Noyoft who commutes daily from El Cerrito to Oakland and pronounced he grabbed a after sight than normal due to a rain.

Two CHP cruisers were shop-worn on northbound Highway 87 entrance HIghway 101 around 1:45 p.m. when an out-of-control lorry spun into them afterwards sloping onto a side. The dual officers reserved to a cars were outward given to an progressing spun-out automobile in a same area when a pile-up occurred. No injuries were reported.

In Newark, flooding slowed trade in several intersections Thursday a.m., Sgt. Manuel DeSerpa said.

“People should not expostulate into high waters and we unequivocally need people especially to delayed down when they’re driving,” DeSerpa said.

No flood-related injuries have been reported, DeSerpa said. The approaching charge stirred ferries to cancel runs opposite a brook early Thursday. Alameda and Oakland packet departures from 6:10 a.m. to 7:30 a.m., to a S.F. Ferry Building. and Pier 41, were canceled. An advisory is approaching during 7:30 a.m. on either remaining departures would be canceled, according to a San Francisco Bay Ferry website. Service was returned by mid-afternoon.

The state Dept. of Parks and Recreation has sealed several of a parks since of a storm, including state beaches in a Santa Cruz areas that are approaching to sojourn shuttered by Wednesday.

The South San Francisco Ferry use to and from Alameda and Oakland was also canceled, with an refurbish approaching during 2 p.m.

By midmorning, San Francisco International Airport reported that 245 flights had been canceled as of 3:15 p.m. since of a storm. There were no delays during that time, though a airfield approaching delays during a march of a storm. At San Jose International Airport, a continue forced a termination of 4 flights, dual inbound and dual outbound. A moody firm for SFO was also diverted to San Jose, airfield mouthpiece Rosemary Barnes said.

During a afternoon commute, Santa Clara County Fire Department officials asked motorists to equivocate tools of Central Expressway in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara that were sealed by flooding and debris, though by 5:45 a highway was re-opened. Storm brought winds, afterwards rain, flooding

Gusty winds were available in several locations. In Marin County, winds of 63 mph were reported in Woodacre — 10 mph brief of hurricane-force — and a continue use also reported a breeze breeze of 38 mph during Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton in Santa Clara County.

Even before a heaviest partial of a charge reached a East Bay, breeze knocked down trees and in one instance, started a tiny glow on Thursday morning. San Ramon Valley Fire crews put out a tree glow caused by downed energy lines on Via Larga, a highway in Alamo, that started around 5 a.m., according to a dispatcher.

Sonoma County authorities Thursday afternooon endorsed that hundreds of people leave during slightest 300 homes in a lowest fibbing areas circuitously a Russian River, that was approaching to start superfluous overnight. Peak flooding in a towns of Guerneville and Monte Rio was approaching by 10 a.m. Friday, forecasters said.

The California Highway Patrol reported trees down and restraint roadways in Pleasanton and Alamo, as well.

In a North Bay, a Sig-alert was released for northbound Highway 101 in Petaluma since of flooding usually before 6 a.m. The CHP pronounced all northbound lanes of a highway were blocked circuitously a Arata Lane off-ramp. And puncture flash-flooding alerts from a National Weather Service were sent by content and radio promote to residents around a segment as a charge swept by a region.

Fremont’s initial news of flooding came around 9:15 a.m., when a car got stranded in rising H2O on Paseo Padre Parkway circuitously Thornton Avenue. Police also responded to calls stating several depressed trees, poles and live wires in Fremont roadways, pronounced mouthpiece Geneva Bosques.

In San Jose, a vast tree fell onto a home on Boxwood Drive and crushed a midsize lorry in a driveway, according to a glow department.

The vast pin oak, estimated by a neighbor to be 200 years old, came down during about 7 a.m. The tree was in a parking frame and fell directly onto a house. The tree’s branches are wider than a length of a front yard.

Bob Basili, a neighbor, pronounced was home when he listened a bang early in a morning.

“It was a pretentious tree,” Basili said. “It was like a landmark for a neighborhood.”

A city arborist, as good as purify adult crews, responded to understanding with a downed tree.

Most areas of Contra Costa County emerged comparatively protection during a early tools of a storm. Several inches of station H2O noted residential streets in Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Lafayette and Concord, and charge drains were superfluous in some locations.

City workers during one home on Ruth Drive stood with H2O adult to their shins stealing a abrade atop a charge drain, while a homeowners used rakes and a pull brush to transparent their expostulate as sleet fell sideways.

In a Turtle Creek area of Concord, a 7-foot territory of a blockade fell into a resident’s backyard around 6 a.m., narrowly blank dual Sheltie puppies.

“I was out in a backyard with them, and a sleet hadn’t started. But a breeze was howling,” pronounced Janice Fujii, who owns a home with her husband, Curt. “I listened it fall, and suspicion it was something entrance off a room. I’m usually beholden a puppies were divided from it, since it would have killed them.”

In Pacifica, flooding sealed businesses for several areas in a area of Linda Mar Blvd. and Highway 1. Just north of Linda Mar, on a west side of Anza Drive, vehicles were incompetent to pass by feet of station H2O for a infancy of a day.

Resident Chris Butterworth, who ventured out with his 7-month-old puppy to buy a training collar during Linda Mar Pet Supply, pronounced a handful of area residents about 9:30 a.m. were indeed paddleboarding down Arguello Street.

“The charge has really had an impact on business,” pronounced Gary Karalius, owners of Linda Mar Pet Supply — one of a usually stores open along a west side of Linda Mar Shopping Center.

“But we had work to do anyway, so we came in. No matter what happens outside, people always need to feed their pets.”

Vulnerable people find shelter

In other area’s of San Jose, a charge raises a risk turn for those already a many exposed — a homeless. Ray Bramson, a city’s homeless response manager, pronounced some-more than 1,200 people live along a Los Gatos and Coyote creeks and a Guadalupe River. City-funded overdo workers spent Wednesday propelling homeless to go to shelters forward of a rains.

As of midmorning Thursday, there were no reports of homeless wanting rescue.

“We’re really endangered since there are so many people vital subsequent to creeks that are going to be flooding,” Bramson said.

HomeFirst’s Boccardo Reception Center, that can residence 250 people during a shelter, stretched a daytime hours Thursday so homeless had someplace to go during a storm. Jenny Niklaus, a CEO of HomeFirst, pronounced about 60 people were during a preserve Thursday morning and “more are entrance in.” Also, HomeFirst perceived accede from a National Guard to keep a cold-weather preserve during a Gilroy National Guard Armory open all day. That site can reason adult 100 people.

Bramson combined that a serious rains shows since a city had to tighten down “the Jungle” outpost final week. That site was subsequent to a Coyote.

“We had to get people out of there,” he said. “There could be vast flooding where people were usually living.”

Two homeless sisters stood in a easeful square during a Tully Community Branch Library, a brief travel from a former site of scandalous Jungle stay along Coyote Creek.

“It’s been hard,” pronounced Lavella Perry, 29. “Today was a misfortune day since it’s raining and it’s not going to stop raining any time soon.”

She and her sister, Kisha Perry, pronounced they had adequate income to lease a motel room Thursday night though would be behind on a streets on Friday. They pronounced they had usually visited a Jungle occasionally, preferring a reserve of libraries, open parks and downtown. Lavella Perry pronounced about 100 former Jungle residents have determined smaller camps adult or down river. Some are gutting out a charge or fled to dry places such as coffee shops or turnpike underpasses.

“I’m one of a luckier few,” she said. “My friends are being drowned out and they’re stranded in their tents. All of their effects are being cleared down Coyote Creek.”

Despite problems, many conclude a rain

The continue also brought some light moments. Shawn Lipetzky, 34, walked down Walnut Boulevard after dropping off his mother during work and leapt high into reservoir after reservoir while embellished out in full sleet gear, including boots.

“How mostly can we say, ‘(Forget) it, and do what your relatives spent their whole life revelation we not to do,” he said. “I have a immature son, and I’m always revelation him, ‘Get out of a rain?'” But we know what, we have to take a possibility to suffer it, too.”

In San Jose, a Orchard Supply store circuitously downtown San Jose was doing a sprightly business in sleet associated stuff, from empty pipes to umbrellas. Rudy Herrera sought out a territory of sleet gutter for his house.

“I beheld a territory had depressed off from a wind,” he said. But a plumber wasn’t angry too much. “I like a rain, we need it. we usually don’t like operative in it. But if it helps us get over a drought, we don’t mind.”

Marco and Angela Hernandez bought a energy generator for their South San Jose home. They pronounced a area is disposed to energy outages from a wind.

In Fremont, a charge chased divided a early lunch throng during Los Cabos restaurant, though owners Elias Loza didn’t mind. ¿

“I’m so happy. It’s finished a lot of repairs though we indispensable a rain,” pronounced Loza, a Fremont resident.

Protesters import options

Thursday’s severe continue threatened to have a dampening outcome on a First Amendment, according to a organisation of people protesting a designed sale of a Berkeley Post Officeuilding to a developer.

Karma Bear, Mike Z, Charles, Pirate Mike, Lilith and others during a “We a people” tent in front of a Berkeley Post Office feared a continue could embolden postal military to make a wilful pierce opposite their installation, pronounced Mike Wilson of Post Office Defenders.

U.S. Postal military had shown adult early Thursday morning, Wilson said, seeking to expostulate some occupiers away.

A week progressing about a dozen postal examiner police, several of them armed, evicted a organisation of homeless people who had done stay on a west side of a building, though did not pierce opposite a “We a people” tent.

David Guerra, orator for a San Francisco multiplication of a U.S. Postal Inspection Service, could not immediately be reached Thursday.

Some schools sojourn sealed Friday

With sleet and breeze approaching to slacken, many schools in a South Bay designed to reason event on Friday. One difference was San Bruno Park, that will sojourn closed.

The California Department of Education on Thursday offering a approach for districts that close down for a charge to replenish handling supports that a state pays formed on student attendance. Normally a state does not compensate districts for a days that students skip school. However, propagandize districts might get paid if they convince a state that puncture conditions forced propagandize closure.

On Thursday, many open schools in San Mateo County from Daly City to Burlingame were closed, as were a Woodside, Portola Valley, San Mateo-Foster City and Redwood City districts. Cabrillo Unified, that serves Half Moon Bay and Pescadero, alerted relatives both Wednesday dusk and early Thursday that it was reversing march and would cancel propagandize for Thursday.

Superintendent Tony Roehrick pronounced that with a late change in a foresee — for high winds sustaining all day, along with complicated rains — a window for removing students to propagandize safely had closed. “Requiring students and staff to get to a schools in those conditions became irrational and unsafe,” he said.

Midmorning, President Regina Stanback Stroud during Skyline College in San Bruno announced a college had sealed and would sojourn so until serve notice.

Staff writers Mark Emmons, Natalie Neysa Alund, Rick Hurd, Robert Salonga, Sharon Noguchi, Erin Ivie, Tom Lochner, Santa Cruz Sentinel writers Jondi Gumz and Shmuel Thaler contributed to this report. Also Palo Alto Daily News staffer Rhea Mahbubani, a Associated Press and Bay City News Service also contributed.

Contact Mark Gomez during 408-920-5869. Follow him during

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