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December 4, 2015 - Picnic Time

Writing about entrepreneurship and operative with entrepreneurs from around a world, we mostly have a pleasure of joining with people we might never have met in a some-more normal career.

Claudia and we both share a same home state–proud Michiganders–and a passion for entrepreneurship. Living and operative in Switzerland, Claudia started her possess business, Text Weapon, formed on a comparatively new predicament: how to coquette over calm message. Text Weapon is both an e-book, French Seduction Made Easy, and a web formed texting club; and Claudia is operative tough to assistance people around a universe emanate relations that pierce them happiness. After all, communications is pivotal to courtship and being means to stay in hold romantically in this dating age is essential to anticipating a right partner.

In a universe where we have reduction time, we mostly rest some-more on recommendation from people like Claudia in navigating a dating world. In fact, she was recently named a finalist for Blogger of a Year in a UK Dating Awards, has been called a blogger to follow on Twitter, and is frequently asked to share her expertise.

Claudia says, “romantic calm messages are intimate, altered tokens, tiny electronic souvenirs, orderly date–and time–stamped to comment roughly any relationship.” She founded a association after she satisfied a implausible intensity of texting. we asked Claudia to share how she started such a singular business, how she managed to navigate amicable media and online entrepreneurship, and a lessons she has schooled along a way.


Claudia Cox (Photo credit Saskia Nelson)

Steve Mariotti: When did we initial consider of yourself as an entrepreneur?
Claudia Cox:
There was never a time that we thought, “I’m an entrepreneur.” It’s usually what we am.

During his summers off, my dad–a propagandize teacher–would pierce my hermit and we along to assistance paint houses, purify beauty salons, broach newspapers, and one time we even attempted building cruise tables on an industrial scale. My mom had been partial of Kennedy’s initial Peace Corps in 1961, and she taught me to go out and see a world. I’ve been vital in Europe for some-more than 15 years–in part, given of my mom who always speedy me to go out and see a universe and knowledge as most as possible–including other cultures.

One night while investigate abroad, we met a French man who seemed to be vital a together life to mine. What a tiny world! The businessman inside me illuminated up: to emanate a code new sell module between a dual schools, and afterwards finish my grade in France. It not usually enabled me to connoisseur though returning home, though it also non-stop a singular event for students from both schools to investigate abroad.


Claudia with associate entrepreneurs Caroline Brealey, an award-winning matchmaker and Laura Yates, an international mangle adult coach (Photo credit Saskia Nelson)

SM: What was your biggest disaster and what did we learn from it?
My biggest disaster was shutting my initial association when we ran out of funds. It was distressing given we had worked so tough on an suspicion that we loved.

In fact, we had spent an violent volume of time perplexing to write THE business of all business plans, emanate a ideal doing plan, tweak a ultimate financier presentation, breeze a miraculous NDA, coop a stellar partner contract, etc. We unequivocally could have used a tiny sip of gaunt start-up expertise. But, we schooled not to fear failure. Failure doesn’t kill you. It isn’t fun though it doesn’t meant “game over” for all in your life. You can still collect yourself adult and try again.

SM: What was your biggest success and what do we consider done it possible?
I’d contend my biggest success was removing my summary out to a masses in an sourroundings in that it’s tough to be seen or heard. we have to give interjection to an implausible organisation of online colleagues as they are an constituent partial of my success with Text Weapon. Over a past year, I’ve consistently had 75,000+ visitors per month (double around a holiday season).

I consider that a few things done it possible: patience, tough work, and luck. we spent a lot of time training about SEO. we try to make all we write as optimized as possible. we also do a lot of guest blogging, and reaching out to others.

SM: What is a story behind Text Weapon?
After my initial booze try unsuccessful to take off, we licked my wounds and went to work in a curative attention in Switzerland–starting to build a gentle and secure life.

Then, my universe changed. Not even 3 months after my father and we had biked around Switzerland and Tuscany, he was diagnosed with a depot illness. Working part-time in a sanatorium room, we examination books on entrepreneurship, communication, sales, networking, writing, SEO, amicable media and even accounting. It wasn’t prolonged after he upheld divided that my mom was diagnosed with theatre 4 cancer. we quit my pursuit and stayed glued to my mother’s side until she upheld away.

These practice altered my life and led me to finish my EMBA in a classroom while investigate physique language, negotiation, how to build websites, and blogging in my giveaway time. we had 3 intensity projects in mind: a Parisian themed website, a website that would learn children about other cultures, or Text Weapon.

One day during an après-ski bar we met a unequivocally desirable French man who desirous one of a categorical characters in my book, The Knight of Seduction. Our super-charged adore story was partial of my impulse to pierce brazen with a Text Weapon project.

I had enjoyed implausible connectors interjection to texting, nonetheless when we looked around me, it seemed that so few people ever entered into this fun, flirty universe of communication. Their texting seemed to finish with “can we collect adult some hotdog buns and divert on your approach home?” You know what that will get you? Hotdog buns. Not even a gas hire rose.


All a people that have offering their help, loyalty and support to Claudia given starting Text Weapon

So, we motionless to share all we had schooled with a world. we kept writing, and what was dictated to be a 60-page eBook incited into a 400+ page texting bible that includes about 3,000 calm messages.

SM: What are a biggest hurdles someone starting a business faces today?
we would contend that a 3 biggest hurdles confronting up-and-coming entrepreneurs are information overload, progressing a work/life balance, and being patient.

  • Information overload: There is distant too most recommendation geared toward entrepreneurs. we cite to take recommendation from someone who has achieved a same kinds of formula that they are perplexing to teach, or sell me.
  • Maintaining a work/life balance: There is always something to do, and with all a pull alerts on your phone, it can make we crazy. It’s tough to fortify yourself and to learn when and how to effectively spin off a noise, though it is essential to your ultimate success and peculiarity of life.
  • Being patient: Don’t design to be an overnight success.


Cartoon Claudia

SM: What are 6 tips we would give to up-and-coming professionals in your industry?
First, Start building your network online and offline ASAP. Don’t wait to finish your product or even your website to start reaching out to people in your industry. Create a Twitter account, do some simple investigate to find a biggest influencers in your domain, and afterwards start pity their content.

2. Value is king. Everything we do should be formed on building relations and a best approach to build them is to give people something valuable: examination their books on Amazon, leave comments on their blogs, pointer adult for their newsletters and give them feedback, share their calm on amicable media, deliver them to people and so on.

3. Become an expert: we had a event to eat lunch with one of a tip amicable media experts in a universe this past fall. we asked her, “What’s your tip to success?” She laughed, looked during me and said, “I’m unequivocally good during a few things. Everything else I’m terrible at. But we make adequate income to compensate someone else to do it.”

4. Seek authorised advice: Unless we are a lawyer, it’s goal vicious to have a good counsel during your ordering who can assistance we breeze customary contracts and take a look during anything that could potentially impact your business (IP rights, etc.).

5. Be prepared to hustle. Since starting Text Weapon and operative towards a success, we have worked as a matchmaker and a artistic calm creator. we have combined brochures, product videos, email sequences, PPC campaigns, logos, websites, Christmas cards, business presentations, and marketplace investigate projects.

6. Don’t be fearful to be unique. Text Weapon is one of a few sites in a dating/lifestyle attention that has ZERO photos. Everything on a site is a cartoon. While a lot of people suspicion it was self-murder to emanate a attribute site regulating usually cartoons, it has given a site a singular flair. It has also been a and when reaching out to guest bloggers, as they all get their possess cartoon; they are incited into superheroes, and they adore it!

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