Bear speckled sitting during Western NC family’s cruise table

April 28, 2017 - Picnic Time

LAKE LURE, NC (WSPA) – A Western North Carolina family speckled a black bear in their backyard that done itself utterly comfortable.

The McCormack family saw a black bear around 7 p.m. Monday evening.

“It freaked me out,” pronounced Christina McCormack. “It was wild. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

It was her dog, Wilbur, who routinely sits on a cot looking out a behind window that alerted a family to it.

“He started barking like crazy, and we saw this outrageous bear in a behind yard,” McCormack said.

She prisoner this video of a black bear roaming around, eventually sitting during their cruise table.

“I suspicion he was going to hit it over, though no he only climbed right adult and had a seat,” pronounced Rocky McCormack, Christina’s husband.

They contend this isn’t a initial time saying their bushy friend.  They held it rummaging by their rabble on Sunday and contend a bear they named “Yogi” has been an annual caller going behind to 2015.

“Every year for 3 years, about this time, finish of Apr commencement of May,” McCormack said.

However, Rocky McCormack says this is a initial time a bear stayed for an extended volume of time. He pronounced he went outward and got within 20 feet of it.

“I seen him, and he seen me about a same time, and he took off,” Rocky McCormack said. “He valid to my mother that bears can pierce flattering quick.”

He says he’s staying vigilante, generally given it’s tough to see a bear during night.

“He seemed to be flattering docile, though in tighten quarters, there’s no revelation what’ll do, so really watch out for a kids and wife,” Rocky McCormack said.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission warns people to never feed bears or any furious animal, and if people come in tighten vicinity of a black bear, they should stay behind and make a lot of noise.

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