Bethlehem proposes stiffer park law in time for cruise season

March 25, 2016 - Picnic Time

BETHLEHEM — Spring is on us, call daydreams of picnics and inlet excursions during some of a Lehigh Valley’s many scenic parks.

But if you’re formulation to conduct to Bethlehem this summer, be wakeful that some of a park manners could be changing during dual of a some-more renouned weekend play spots, Saucon and Monocacy parks.

Under a offer City Council is considering, there would be no swimming or wading in a creeks. Cooking would usually be authorised in a grill pits — leave your grills and generators during home. Drinking booze or drink would be cramped to within 25 feet of a pavilion, and usually those invited by a authority renting a pavilion would be available to imbibe.

And don’t consider about violation a parking manners on a streets that approximate a parks. The city wants to double fines there between Memorial Day and Labor Day — penalties identical to what a city imposes during Musikfest.

September 2015: Bethlehem to tighten Saucon Park for weekend

A brief widen from a Interstate 78 exits to Hellertown, Saucon Park facilities round fields, pavilions and prize fish tide Saucon Creek that out-of-towners have been flocking to during a summer seasons. In a arise of such use, a city officials perceived a lot of litter, sound and parking complaints.

The city deployed military on weekends to surprise newcomers of a existent manners and fenced off a renouned swimming hole along a low widen of a creek. But neighbors pronounced even those measures could not contest with a series of people flocking to a park a second half of a summer.

Saucon Park teems with NY and NJ visitors on weekends

Saucon Park teems with NY and NJ visitors on weekends

Bethlehem tries to quell impact of 1,500 people a day on weekends during Saucon Park.

Bethlehem tries to quell impact of 1,500 people a day on weekends during Saucon Park.

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Bethlehem primarily called for shutting a park Labor Day weekend to all though city residents but, after critique that such a anathema could be unconstitutional, motionless to tighten a park to everybody that weekend. Mayor Robert Donchez vowed to come adult with a improved devise to residence overuse of a parks for this year.

Donchez pronounced he wanted to continue to take on-going measures to quell some of a complaints residents have though wanted to change that with gripping a park open to anyone who wants to suffer it within a rules.

He pronounced he would guard a swell and muster military officers on weekends to defend a law.

Several visitors final year told The Morning Call they appreciated a scenic attractions and would honour city laws. Others pronounced they suspicion a military participation was a small much, detracting from their delight of a park.

Nancy Topping, who has lived nearby a park for 40 years, pronounced she hopes a due restrictions would cut down on a sound and spawn that her area has dealt with in new years.

“For a many part, we consider what’s being due is positive,” she said.

But it will come with a small pain.

A anathema on swimming or wading in a rivulet would put a stop to excursions with her grandchildren in hunt of crayfish and other critters in a creek.

She also lifted questions about how a city would understanding with parking for girl sports teams during a jaunty fields.

Sheryl Caliguire, who also lives nearby a park, pronounced she suspicion a city had a “hands-off” proceed final year and didn’t emanate adequate citations to people violation a laws that are already on a books. She pronounced she would be happy with stiffer manners and penalties.

“We all compensate a lot of income in taxes and we haven’t been means to use a park on weekends,” she said.

Councilman Eric Evans, authority of a Parks Committee, pronounced he supports a due changes and will work to residence such questions so a new manners are in place before Memorial Day weekend.

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