Big hearts and a bigger residence assistance encourage caring siblings stay together

December 25, 2014 - Picnic Time

When Margie and Ed Hopper were vital in a trailer park in O’Fallon, Mo., they didn’t have a lot of income or things. But they had unequivocally large hearts and a faith that there were people in a universe who had distant reduction and indispensable their help.

So 5 years ago, a Hoppers, relatives of 3 grown boys, prayed about it and became encourage parents. Despite a distance of their home, they did not contend no as amicable workers regularly asked them to take on usually one some-more child.

By a time Bess Wilfong, a owner and arch executive of a gift called Angels’ Arms, initial met a Hoppers in early 2012 they had 6 encourage children.

Among them were dual brothers and a sister. The dual boys, Nathan and Donny, afterwards 12 and 13, had come to live with a Hoppers after an damage left their father a paraplegic contingent on nursing home care. Their disloyal mom was terminally ill with cancer. And an aunt who took them in for a time was incompetent to caring for them.

The boys’ sister, Kristian, 16, was put in a detached encourage home. Kristian felt as if she had been “put in a corner.” And a resolution was a consistent worry for Nathan and Donny.

So a Hoppers prayed on it. Three weeks after they finished room for Kristian, too.

Wilfong removed walking inside a mobile home for a initial time. She told Margie Hopper she was vacant she could caring for so many children in such a tiny home.

Hopper replied brightly, “Well, it’s a double-wide.”

Wilfong immediately mustered as many of her Angels’ Arms residence members as she could to accommodate a Hoppers in a trailer park. They, too, were dismayed during usually how many adore and friendship fit inside a double-wide.

“The cabinet was all in tears before we even finished a interview,” Wilfong recalled.

Minutes later, a organisation motionless in a Hoppers’ drive to yield them with a ultimate substructure for success: a mint five-bedroom residence in a circuitously O’Fallon subdivision.

When a Hoppers initial set feet inside it, Margie circled by a unblemished bedrooms — 9 of them and a groundwork — and cried and cried.

“Ed went true to a garage and usually stood there,” Wilfong recalled. “He said, ‘I never had a garage before.’ ”


The Hoppers’ home in O’Fallon is one of 10 in a St. Louis segment now owned by Angels’ Arms. The 14-year-old nonprofit buys a homes and maintains them for a disdainful use of encourage relatives committed to caring for siblings who would differently be distant in a encourage caring system.

National statistics advise that 3 of each 4 kin groups are separate detached in a system, adding serve mishap to children who’ve already gifted slight or abuse.

Wilfong was a clergyman in a Lindbergh School District many years ago when she saw a problem firsthand. She and her husband, Larry, had practical to be encourage parents. On a Jun night in 1995 she excitedly non-stop her front doorway to accommodate their initial encourage caring placement. She was floored to find dual children staring behind during her.

Wilfong bluntly told a amicable workman she had been awaiting usually one child.

The caseworker explained that a children were a hermit and sister, 9 and 7. Earlier that day — on a final day of propagandize during a propagandize cruise — they had been taken into encourage caring but warning by a military officer.

The caseworker offering to leave one child with a Wilfongs and find another encourage home for a other. Wilfong gulped, and thought, “All right then, we’re going to take both.”

“I usually felt like we unequivocally didn’t have an choice during that indicate generally during those ages and what they’d been through,” she said.

Five years later, Wilfong launched Angels’ Arms so encourage relatives would not have to spin siblings away. The nonprofit purchased a initial home in south St. Louis County in 2003. More than a decade after a initial encourage parents, Jesse and Becky Hughes, continue to caring for encourage children in that home.

Foster relatives comparison to live henceforth in Angels’ Arms homes accept a housing scarcely rent-free. They are selected after interviews and typically are referred to a classification by seasoned area amicable workers.

They are not paid by a organization. The charity, instead, rallies volunteers to rehab and allow a homes and afterwards yield dozens of services — all from donated dental caring to memberships in after-school sports clubs. One volunteer, an Anheuser-Busch retiree, mows a lawns for a homes. Earlier this month, another organisation swung by a Hoppers’ home and strung it in holiday lights — even a mailbox and post.

Wilfong pronounced many people with a pursuit to be encourage relatives don’t acquire a lot of money. They spend many hours during school, justice and doctor’s appointments, so typically usually one of a encourage relatives can reason a job. The donated services capacitate a organization’s member encourage relatives to worry reduction about losses and concentration some-more on their goal of assisting exposed children.

Angels’ Arms typically buys a homes from income finished by a sale of Missouri Housing Development Commission taxation credits to incomparable donors. The donors accept state taxation breaks amounting to 55 cents of each dollar donated by a credits. Thanks to a singular donor regulating such credits, an 11th Angels’ Arms home is now in a works in Ballwin.

Angels’ Arms has so distant served some-more than 300 children and 90 kin groups in a 10 homes.


In Jun 2012, a few months after Kristian, Donny and Nathan changed into a Angels’ Arms home with a Hoppers, a siblings got some-more bad news.

Their father suffered a cadence hours after Kristian had forsaken by a nursing home to to tell him she’d upheld a exam for her drivers permit. He died a subsequent day.

For years a siblings had sensitively harbored wish they would be reunited with their father. Instead, they found themselves cleaning out his now-empty room during a nursing home and fretting about formulation a funeral. There was no one else to make arrangements.

The 3 wondered what was to turn of them. Nathan, still a preteen, envisioned jail for himself. Donny illusory sleeping underneath a bridge. Kristian saw herself in life totally alone.

They motionless that day to ask a Hoppers to adopt them.

“We unequivocally had nobody else,” Nathan said.

Margie Hopper admits she was taken aback when they asked. She and her father never had any goal of adopting — generally 3 teenagers.

“We had finished lifted a possess kids,” she said. “But how do we tell a child who has nobody else, ‘No, I’m not going to give we permanency?’ ”

Wilfong, too, pronounced Angels’ Arms hotly debated a adoptions. Its residence had never dictated a homes to be used for housing permanent families. There would be fewer beds for encourage children in a home. But Wilfong pronounced a residence finally asked itself, wasn’t adoption a ultimate goal of encourage care? Shouldn’t everybody have a perpetually family to be with each holiday for a rest of their lives?

The adoptions were finished in Mar by a same decider who put a children in encourage care.

Earlier this month, Margie Hopper went selling for Christmas stocking stuffers. She has 20 of them to fill. They hang from her home’s plain wooden staircase banister, a oppulance she never had in a mobile home.

Five of a stockings are for a encourage children now in a Hoppers’ care. Twelve are for Ed and Margie, their 3 grown sons and wives and 4 grandchildren. And there are 3 some-more for a newest Hoppers: Nathan, Donny and Kristian.

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