Bird-feeding time: Blue Jays introduced during picnic

June 21, 2016 - Picnic Time

BLUEFIELD — Who are a players that will contain a 2016 Bluefield Blue Jays?

They were denounced to a open for a initial time on Monday dusk during Bowen Field when a annual Bluefield Blue Jays cruise was hold to concede sponsors and upholder bar members to accommodate a team.

“It is a good eventuality to get a fans concerned and get them acclimated to a new players and unequivocally uncover a intercourse and a alliance of a community,” Bluefield Blue Jays General Manager Jeff Gray said. “It is good to see a good turnout, another stellar year, good continue so it is of outrageous significance to us.”

In serve to a tasty menu of hamburgers, prohibited dogs, meatballs and most more, those in assemblage were treated to comments from Gray, Bluefield Booster Club boss David Alvis and Blue Jays manager Dennis Holmberg, who is behind for his sixth deteriorate in Bluefield.

The Blue Jays will open a 68-game deteriorate on Thursday by hosting a Bristol Pirates during Bowen Field. The initial representation is slated for 7:05 p.m.

“I suffer brief season, we like a plea of introducing a immature guys to pro ball,” Holmberg said.

All 28 players on a initial register were introduced to a audience. Each actor afterwards drew names to establish their horde families for a summer, including dual for Alvis, who is in his second and final deteriorate as boss of a upholder club.

“With his adoption understanding we customarily have dual players each,” Alvis said. “Most of

them don’t have cars so we transport them around, infrequently they come over and eat. A lot of these kids, we will have relations with them for years to come.”

Alvis should know. His son, Ethan, was wearing a Rowdy Tellez jersey. Now a member of Toronto’s Double-A team, a New Hampshire Fisher Cats, a Alvis family has

traveled a nation to follow Tellez’s career.

“My son is wearing a Rowdy Tellez jersey, he was here in 2014,” pronounced Alvis, whose

wife, Karen, and daughter, Hannah, are also unchanging visitors to Bowen Field in a summer. “We adopted him and we have indeed been to open training and saw him play in Florida this year.

“Last year we went to Lansing and watched him play. It is a flattering neat deal. Lots of the

booster members kept in hit with players many years into a future. We fundamentally try to make all a small some-more like home for them while they are here in town.”

There are other ways to help. It continues on even when a players lapse to their summer chateau in a dorms during Bluefield College for a good night’s rest.

“The initial thing we have finished this year is we finished a beds during a college,” Alvis

said. “We granted a comforters and pillows and we put H2O in their rooms. The Booster Club creates a beds adult during a college and has them prepared when they get there.”

A upholder family is generally critical for many of a Latin-born players, many of whom onslaught with English, though there are other ways to make them feel acquire in their summer home.

“A accessible face, somebody to come and watch you,” Alvis said. “When they are coming

out of a locker room during night, stay around and wait for them, give them a float somewhere or give them something to eat.”

Holmberg positively appreciates all that a upholder bar does.

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“I consider it is good for those people concerned in a upholder bar or a ubiquitous public, whoever is invited,” he said, “but for a upholder bar people, they have a adore and passion for a diversion too.”

Those attending Monday’s cookout positively ate well. They also got to socialize, accommodate a players and prepared for another deteriorate ahead.

“The round bar puts this one, they entice a village to come out,” pronounced Alvis, a longtime believer of ball in Bluefield. “You can lay here and accommodate a players and speak to them and usually try to get to know them personally…

“I have been entrance here for years. we was entrance here when a Orioles were here. We have been around for a while.”

Expect these functions to continue into a future. Minor League Baseball has been a partial of a internal village for most of a final century. Despite a stream agreement with Toronto slated to run out during a finish of this deteriorate don’t design that tradition to finish anytime soon.

“I consider it is huge. This place has been an establishment here for years. My oldest son is

29 years aged and we brought him here when he was younger than Ethan,” Alvis said. “We were articulate to some of these aged guys and they were articulate about Boog Powell attack home runs — they got serve each time they told a story.

“Cal Ripken played here in 1978 so it would be harmful not to have ball in

Bluefield, we couldn’t suppose that, it would be horrible.”

Ditto for Gray, who is constantly reminded usually how most ball means to a internal community.

“Wherever we transport opposite a country, we transport a lot and Bluefield is an institution,” Gray said. “When they ask about Bluefield a one thing they contend is they still have a ball group and they have a ball team.

“That is what we are famous for and a lot of people don’t comprehend that or caring to know that, though that is a outrageous partial of what Bluefield is and what it is famous for.”

Having Holmberg continue to lapse to Bluefield to continue building destiny vital leaguers for Toronto positively helps.

“It is my 15th year with Dennis and 6 years here so it is good continuity,” Gray said. “It unequivocally helps when we are perplexing to devise and get things done. He loves Bluefield and he is prepared to make it another good summer.

“We are unequivocally excited, prepared to get things rolling and see where it takes us.”

Monday wasn’t a usually village duty slated for a Blue Jays this week. The group will accumulate during Mountaineer Lanes currently from noon to 2 p.m. to play with internal children.

“We will have all a players there and we will be prepared to roll,” Gray said.

It will be a Blue Jays’ spin to gleam on Thursday when another deteriorate of Appalachian League ball starts during Bowen Field.

Holmberg likes a group that awaits that moment.

“I consider it is a group that is inspired to play, inspired to win, inspired to do a things to assistance a group win…,” he said.

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