Black Friday shopping? No thanks, I’ll pass

November 27, 2015 - Picnic Time

AUSTIN, Texas — I’m a outrageous discount hunter. Years as a singular mom on a journalist’s income finished me an consultant during chasing good deals.

And yet, Black Friday has never been my thing. Growing adult in a severe area in Dallas, I’ve spent many of my life avoiding play and moving situations. The oversensationalized media reports of Black Friday melees were adequate to keep a selling frenzy atop my “avoid-at-all-costs” list.

Yes, a stories of indignant mobs aren’t frequent, yet a tragedy and heightened clarity of consumer foe that builds adult during Black Friday sales are indeed common. For me, no understanding — regardless of how good it might be — is value putting myself by that frenzy.

Yet, we did it. Once. And now we can say: Been there, finished that. No need to repeat.

My reasons for staying divided from Black Friday sales have tiny to do with creation a domestic matter — yet we don’t indispensably debate of those out there —and all to do with available some-more of amiability and appreciating my family.

The unappreciative inciter of my solitary Black Friday knowledge was my now-ex sister-in-law, Felicia. For as prolonged as I’ve famous her, she’s been an zealous Black Friday shopper. Before sell stores pushed adult Black Friday to Thanksgiving Thursday, Felicia would conduct out during a moment of emergence with my brother, friends or other family members in hunt of a best prices for boots and lovable outfits for my nieces.

She swore that everybody in her tiny selling organisation had gifted such a good time in their office for a best deals of a deteriorate and enjoyed one another’s association amid a rushing crowds. Mostly, as any self-respecting discount fan would, we desired conference of her good finds. One year, she came home with beautiful, tiny aluminum Christmas tree that had served as a store’s display. we was jealous.

Four years ago, dual things assured me to finally join a Black Friday shoppers club: my idea to find an glorious present for my father and a good cost on a flat-screen television. My membership would be short-lived.

On that evening, we trekked out early adequate to my internal Target to be among a initial 40 shoppers or so in line. Folks around me were accessible and chatty. An aura of intercourse existed. People even hold one another’s places in line for a consequence of food and lavatory breaks. I’d gifted something really identical to this during my stakeout time during a annual Settlement Home Garage Sale, a present event. There, women explain a mark for themselves and a few friends who will join them later. Some even suffer a cruise to assistance kill time.

That’s where a similarities end. Like Black Friday shoppers, folks in a Settlement Home line are always fervent to get inside to mark a best buys. However, maybe meaningful that all deduction of a sale go to a good means is what keeps Settlement Home shoppers’ spirits during a mostly friendly level.

The same can’t be pronounced of many shoppers in line on Black Friday.

On a night that we had ventured out, tragedy began to fill a atmosphere as a line grew longer and time got closer to a doors opening. Forty-five mins before midnight, my once-friendly associate giant shortly became questionable of anyone new who approached a line. Fifteen mins before doors opened, people in front and behind me were cheering during anyone who even came to tighten to a spots. They warned them that slicing line was forbidden. By then, we could no longer make eye hit with those around me.

This was no longer a stay of newfound friends yet a margin of soldiers available battle.

When a doors non-stop during midnight, a electioneer was in full force. People pushed and grabbed during sale equipment as yet reaching for bread for their hungered bodies. But it wasn’t. It was a gaming system. A delayed cooker. A Lalaloopsy doll.

Originally, my list of equipment enclosed a few kitchen gadgets and a integrate of toys. After being pushed inside — and since a radio we wanted for my father was immediately to my left — it was a usually object we dared to get. No assault was reported during that store that night, yet a stage was tense. People became demoniac as shortly as a doors opened. We all were focused on removing a products we had waited in line for —for so prolonged — that we mislaid steer of being good neighbors.

Though we walked divided a champion with a new radio in tow, we didn’t go behind a following year — or any other, for that matter. we was asked why. Perhaps I’m not as rival as we had believed we was, my sister pondered. The answer is we didn’t like how that selling knowledge finished me feel. we typically get a swell of fad and honour after I’ve found an implausible deal. But we didn’t get that prodigy after selling a radio we purchased on that one Black Friday.

It wasn’t until we removed a night’s events to my family that we satisfied we was unhappy in myself — and in others who had turn so assertive over a singular element item. we was grateful to have finished my father happy with an early Christmas gift, yet we didn’t like a cost we paid for losing hold of a definition of a season: being grateful for what we already have.

I would rather be an instance for my children than have a take of a century. So, this and each Friday after Thanksgiving, we select to be nestled on a cot with my family, counting each singular one of my blessings and withdrawal Black Friday selling to a pros.

Gissela SantaCruz writes for a Austin American-Statesman. Email:

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