Blanket Banquets: Shed a bucket with a picnic

February 12, 2015 - Picnic Time

Our operation of picnicking options, in both civic and bucolic locales, offers an eventuality to knowledge a sprouting joys of outside dining like battling armies of ants, lugging a kitchen around and drooling as a city is varicoloured in a pink heat of sunset.

These 5 cruise prohibited spots will make a swatting of flies value it, and you’ll forget all about Eskom’s problems.

Common ground

The latest further to Maboneng’s fashionable genuine estate portfolio, Common Ground gives we a sense you’re in a glade hewn from stone, steel and glass.

In standard Maboneng conform a venue announced a existence to a universe by hosting The Seven Sounds song festival featuring a likes of Nakhane Toure, Matthew Mole, Guy Buttery and The Muffinz .

If your haircut creates we unsuited for a pursuit as an accountant, or if we complicated truth during university, Common Ground will now appeal.

  • The subsequent eventuality during Common Ground is on Mar 7. See

Maboneng sky and night picnics

Why not rise one of a tallest buildings on a continent, a Carlton Centre, and have a cruise on a tip with a perspective that would spin a seagul immature with envy?

The Maboneng Picnics in a Sky are one of a many courteous ways to overcome vertigo while gripping an eye on your car.

There’s also a combined advantage of finally bargain what your parents’ bitch over a Carlton Centre was about. Should heights be a hurdle, a patrol also binds monthly night picnics closer to belligerent during Arts on Main’s Night Market.

  • Picnics in a Sky occur each Sunday. The Night Picnics are hold on a initial Thursday of each month. Contact Bheki Dube on 072-880-9583 or see

Constitution Hill

Previously a place where fun was actively discouraged, Constitution Hill has blossomed into a venue where party flowers like fynbos.

Not usually is it a chair of a top justice in a land, though it also frequently hosts parties and picnics.

On Saturday, The Styled Out Picnic #loveedition will be interlude by to move music, food and conform to a area for Valentine’s Day. Constitution Hill boasts one of a many stirring views of Johannesburg during sunset.

The Styled Out Picnic starts during 1pm and tickets are R50. See

Monaghan farm

If a thought of being surrounded by skyscrapers doesn’t appeal, afterwards a outing to Monaghan is a antidote.

The halcyon estate is distant adequate divided from a city to keep bad news during bay, though tighten adequate to be reachable in 40 minutes.

The estate’s restaurant, The Other Side, caters for those not penetrating on walking around with a cupboard in hand.

  • Contact 087-630-0742 or see Booking is essential.

The Big Red Barn

Set in a rolling hills of Olifantsfontein, a Big Red Barn is a converted antique grain stable on a Sunlawns Estate.

It looks out over a perspective of fields, grasslands and a Kaal River.

Bring your possess cruise and suffer a extraordinary Acrobranch march finish with high-speed zip line, or float in a 27km of circuitous lane by untrustworthy gumtrees and hilly African grasslands.

If we don’t wish to move your own, a grill offersfarm-fresh fare.

  • See

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