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February 18, 2015 - Picnic Time

NEWTON, Iowa (KWQC) – The Mississippi Valley Blues Festival has been hold over Jul 4th weekend for a past 30 years, though organizers have recently motionless to henceforth pierce it to Labor Day weekend. They contend it shouldn’t impact that performers are booked, though a change is creation a disproportion for people in Newton, Iowa.

For a past 22 years, hundreds of blues musicians have achieved on a theatre within Maytag Park in Newton, and Mike Pender and Vern Schnoebelen with a South Skunk Blues Society contend it’s never too early to start formulation for a annual Bowlful of Blues Festival. Booking performers is during a tip of a list.

“We’re perplexing to get this finished by a commencement of April,” Schnoebelen said.

This year, however, they strike a highway retard when they found out a Mississippi Valley Blues Fest will be hold on Labor Day weekend.

“We’ve had that date down for 4 years, this would be a fifth year,” Pender said.
“Do we change a date, do we stay where we are, what can we do different,” Schnoebelen asked.

They contend they’re disturbed a performers they wish to book will already be scheduled to perform in a Quad Cities. Scott Klarkowski with a Mississippi Valley Blues Society tells TV-6 that he would inspire a musicians to make a debate out of it, interlude in Newton on Saturday for their one-day-only festival, for example, and finishing adult on Sunday in Davenport.

Even so, Pender and Schnoebelen contend they’re concerned.

“There’s a lot of people that go to a Mississippi Valley festival, and we are fearful that they would pull some of a people divided from ours,” Pender said.

They could also remove out on volunteers.

“Because they many expected will be going to Mississippi Valley,” Schnoebelen said.

Still, they contend they’ll continue to devise a best they can.

“We wish to work together with Mississippi Valley and put on dual of a biggest shows that this area can have,” Schnoebelen said.

After all, festival goers in city say, it’s not usually about who performs. It’s being during a festival in ubiquitous that plays large role. Some people behind home, in a QC, agree.

“Bring your cruise sweeping and we know we hang out and see your friends, your family,” proprietor Ronnie Cook said. “It’s unequivocally critical for events like that, we think, to go one since it brings assent and complacency to everybody.”

“Once we go there and we accommodate somebody who likes a same kind of blues, maybe they like a stone blues, or maybe something else, they’ll assistance spin we on to maybe a new entertainer,” Lynzetta Taylor added. “So you’re never unequivocally a foreigner by a time we get finished with one if we unequivocally wish to be. Always somebody to speak to, somebody to giggle with.”

The blues festival in Peoria will also be hold on Labor Day weekend. Klarkowski says they wish to promulgate with organizers there, and in Newton, to plead how performers will be scheduled.

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