Bob Dunning: Violence puts Picnic Day’s destiny in jeopardy

April 29, 2017 - Picnic Time

As someone who has attended substantially each Picnic Day given we was 5 years old, it’s like a blade by a heart to hear a many voices job for this 103-year-old tradition to be scrubbed from a calendar forevermore.

And yet, when military officers are beaten by a squad of thugs, a automobile of a 21-year-old lady pushing home from work is trashed by a inebriated mob, a gun is brandished downtown and several gunshots are reported nearby a UC Davis campus, it is once again time for a critical analysis of this once-cherished event.

“Does somebody have to die before it is canceled,” asks my crony Jim, who grew adult in this city and has attended many Picnic Days himself. “Unfortunately, that is a trail we are on.”

Lauren Keene’s front-page news on a day’s “festivities” was adequate to spin a stomach of even a many fervent Picnic Day supporter.

“Early ethanol consumption, countless residence parties and throngs of out-of-town visitors done Picnic Day no cruise for Davis military officers, including dual who landed in a sanatorium after being pounded by what was described as a antagonistic Russell Boulevard crowd,” Keene reported.

“According to Lt. Paul Doroshov, 3 officers reserved to Picnic Day coercion were roving in an unmarked military automobile when they encountered a vast organisation of people restraint trade in a roadway. He pronounced one officer was in uniform, while a other dual were in travel garments with their badges and military weapons displayed.

“According to Doroshov, a ‘large, antagonistic group’ surrounded a automobile and yelled threats during a officers before they could act. Two officers reported being pounded and taken to a belligerent as they exited a automobile and began to brand themselves.

“While on a ground, a officers were kicked, punched in a head, and one officer was struck with a bottle on a side of his head. As a officers were being assaulted, they could see people in a throng filming a conflict with their dungeon phones.”

One purported declare claims a military were during error for not scrupulously identifying themselves, as if violence and kicking someone on a belligerent and outstanding them in a conduct with a drink bottle is somehow OK if a plant is not a military officer.

I don’t caring if a cops were in plainclothes or demonstration rigging or wearing zero though Speedos, and we don’t caring if they were pushing an unmarked car, an MRAP or roving bicycles, zero justifies a beatings they sustained.

The purported declare pronounced she was astounded that nothing of a many videos shot of a attack have shown adult on amicable media, though a answer is simple: The videos will uncover that a military acted appropriately.

Davis Police Chief Darren Pytel reliable as much, according to Keene’s account, “saying investigators have performed ‘clear video evidence’ corroborating a officers’ chronicle of events that started with one think lifting his shirt to suit that he had a gun.”

Given a heated concentration on military bungle these days and a fact that a dozen or some-more folks were reported to have been recording this incident, if a military were even remotely out of line, there’d be videos posted all over amicable media. Trust me on this.

The purported declare did acknowledge that she saw a lady kicking an officer who was down, though claimed military incited a throng by “taking down” a woman, hinting that womanlike troublemakers should be treated differently than masculine troublemakers.

Just as terrifying was a M Street knowledge of a immature lady pushing home from work alone Saturday night.

The lady encountered a vast throng restraint a travel and honked for them to pierce so she could pass by.

“Suddenly,” Keene reported, “about 20 to 30 people surrounded her Honda Civic and started rocking it behind and forth, pulsation on a windows and cursing. Some also kicked a car’s side panels and jumped on a hood and roof. Video from amicable media posts of a occurrence uncover a suspects cheering ‘f— your car’ and other expletives as a throng cheers them on.”

The automobile postulated some-more than $7,000 in damages, that is a dump in a bucket compared to a apprehension this immature lady experienced.

Most revelation of all was Pytel’s matter that “There were many, many people that substantially should have been arrested, though we didn’t have a time or resources to do it.”

By comparison, if we spent a whole day on a UC Davis campus and never set feet in a city of Davis, we were means to knowledge a kind of Picnic Day we have all come to suffer and delight over a years.

I adore Picnic Day. we wish it continues for another 103 years.

But, as my crony Jim says, not during a responsibility of someone’s life.

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