Bob Dunning: What if a new chancellor canceled Picnic Day?

May 1, 2017 - Picnic Time

As a discuss over a predestine of Picnic Day rages on, my crony Ray put it in sheer terms when he pronounced “It would be only unimaginable if a new chancellor’s initial vital act would be to stop Picnic Day.”

Goodness gracious, Ray, speak about a benediction of fire.

Adds Ray: “Just consider about it. Larry Vanderhoef is many remembered for scarcely singlehandedly formulating a Mondavi Center. And a new guy’s bequest – abolishing Picnic Day. The conditions is not his fault, though this would still be a green approach to start one’s time as chancellor.”

I can see a press discussion following a Inaugural Ball now.

“It is with a complicated heart that we take this arise to rigourously announce a termination of Picnic Day, an eventuality I’ve never attended and no one in Georgia has ever listened of,” Chancellor May starts somberly.

“I’m also cancelling a football deteriorate and a Aggie Band-uh and hereafter we will be famous as a Engineers, not a backward-sounding Aggies.”

Don’t know if we can cite a chancellor on his initial day during a Top of a Mrak, though I’m certain someone would try.

Then again, as Ray notes, if we cancel Picnic Day, a thugs win. True enough, though a thugs seem to be winning anyway.

The quandary here is that we’ve all been means to brand a problem, though no one seems able of entrance adult with a viable solution, other than make-up adult a automobile and streamer to Bakersfield for a weekend.

Yes, a good folks adult in Chico did cancel Pioneer Days a while back, though I’m not certain anyone during UC Davis wants to take marching orders from Chico State. Besides, comparing Picnic Day to Pioneer Days — or Pioneer Semester as some students called it — is like comparing apples to apricots.

In letters to a editor, posts on Facebook and personal emails, people have not been bashful in pity their opinions.

John commented that “Many of a exhibits on campus are unequivocally engaging and a booths and such staffed by students doing amicable probity work is inspiring, though removing by a underbrush is flattering daunting. we only wish they would start a whole thing after (not a campus part, a city part) so there was a shorter duration for ethanol toxicity and ubiquitous irrationality to provoke or frighten a heck out of us locals.”

Many folks are blaming out-of-town bad actors for a disaster and a mayhem, as if no UC Davis tyro has ever had too most to splash and no city of Davis proprietor has ever thrown a punch or brandished a weapon. But folks pouring in from sky knows where, hell-bent on violence, are positively a contributing cause to a disharmony we witnessed final Saturday.

That there’s approach too most ethanol concerned is a given, though even if each downtown bar concluded not to open and ethanol sales during grocery and wine and preference stores were criminialized for a day, those in assign of a measureless residence parties that get extravagantly out of control would simply save their agitator beverages forward of time.

A Davisite named Carol records that “Sometimes traditions no longer work.”

Maybe so, Carol, though don’t tell that to Santa Claus or a Easter Bunny.

“I consider Picnic Day needs a reboot,” Carol adds. “Perhaps mangle it adult into apart events during opposite times so it is not such a vast draw.”

An engaging suggestion, though what has done Picnic Day such a singular eventuality for some-more than a century is a far-reaching accumulation of events and exhibits and party that it offers. Breaking it adult into bite-sized pieces would kill a attract as certainly as cancelling it altogether.

Chancellor-elect May, a ball, and the dear Picnic, are in your court.

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