Bostonians trade white Christmas for shorts, barbecues

December 25, 2015 - Picnic Time

On Boston Common, a college tyro peddled firewood in a T-shirt and Ray-Bans. A immeasurable reservoir glistened in a object on a Frog Pond skating rink. And a balloon-twister fashioned superheroes and Santa hats for children frolicking in shirtsleeves.

“Merry Christmas!” cried Raymond “Twisted Ray” Fuerte, doing a solid business rambling $5 balloon animals nearby a packaged Tadpole Playground, a continue reminding him some-more than a small of his local Philippines.


Down a hill, a soaring debonair that is an annual present from a people of Nova Scotia wore a strands of holiday lights amid a swatch of murky grass, nary a snowbank to be seen.

It was a 60-plus-degree Christmas around a segment — a high was 62 in Boston, according to a National Weather Service — full of inconsistent scenes, a winter holiday noted unexpected by backyard barbecues and contented games of catch.

On a Common, dual organisation strolled past with tennis rackets as a integrate of people took photos pulpy adult opposite anniversary murals that offering a prophesy of a snowy Christmas — scenes of Victorian revelers and bundled commuters, with cutouts for faces, put adult by a Parks Department.

“It’s really comfortable and scarcely summery for Christmas,” pronounced Kate Ezra, in from New Haven to revisit her son and his family. In a past they had taken a grandchildren to a Common to play in a snow. Now she was shopping a balloon unicorn for four-year-old granddaughter Rita and a Spider-Man for twin hermit Misha.

“We adore tellurian warming,” deadpanned Daniel Headrick, Ezra’s father and a twins’ grandfather.


Like many, they were creation a many of a amiable continue even if they didn’t know accurately what to make of it — or how to dress, with a deteriorate dictating complicated jackets and a fever observant otherwise.

Keith Bedford/Globe Staff

A curtain in shorts and no shirt jogged along a Charles River in Cambridge.

Across Tremont Street during a Black Seed Cafe, a polyglot lunch throng during a Middle Eastern grill straddled all seasons: a teen in a T-shirt munched on a hamburger, a child in a Ninja Turtles sweatshirt played with ketchup packets, and an MBTA workman in a winter shawl and massive coupler complicated a cosmetic menu.

In Brookline, Tai Melendy and his mother, Tamara McElroy, woke up, saw a sun, and motionless to go for a bike ride. On a Cambridge side of a Charles, they strew their jackets, parked their bikes, and tossed a drifting disc.

“They always say, ‘I’m forgetful of a white Christmas,’ though apparently we got a immature one,” pronounced Melendy, a high propagandize senior.

“It’s unfortunate and beguiling during a same time,” pronounced McElroy, a 47-year-old gardener, wondering about meridian change and wishing she had told her son to wear sunscreen. On a stream beside them, a sculler glided past in shorts and a Santa cap.

A few blocks away, Stuart Gates sipped coffee from a seasonally red Starbucks Cup while his wife, Jill, and their boys chased a rubber round in Harvard Yard, initial bark off jackets, afterwards prolonged sleeves. Nearby, runners traversed a paths, and an Asian debate organisation had paused to take cinema of a John Harvard bronze guarding University Hall.

“It’s good to see a grass. It’s good to be out,” pronounced Gates, a 44-year-old author whose mom works in a appetite industry. “We’re vital with a believe that it’s going to get cold eventually, so we’re perplexing to get as many outside activity in as we can.”

‘It’s unfortunate and beguiling during a same time.’

Tai Melendy, Brookline resident 

(Indeed, after this week’s record highs, a foresee shows frozen temperatures and a probability of sleet early subsequent week.)

Gates pronounced his comparison son, Zachariah, was too immature to remember a cold spell they gifted during a Hawaii outing final Christmas — a heat there about equal to this year’s Christmas in Boston — but, during 3, a child is now aged adequate to form durability memories.

“So a normal Christmas for him in New England is kicking a round around a park, that is going to be engaging for him as he gets older,” pronounced Gates, who spent partial of his possess childhood in New Zealand.

He had only checked and detected that a heat in Boston rivaled that of Auckland. “And they’re ostensible to be in a center of summer!”

So it was no warn Friday that summer prohibited spots like South Boston’s Castle Island teemed with families, as people pushed strollers around Fort Independence and sat on benches examination a planes land opposite a bay during Logan Airport.

At a fish post over a park’s crypt monument, Byron Campos sipped a Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee while wearing a T-shirt. If it wasn’t utterly as prohibited as in his local Guatemala — a mercury flirted with 90 in his hometown of Escuintla on Friday — he wasn’t complaining.

“It’s a pleasing day,” pronounced Campos, a 23-year-old grill workman who lives in Waltham. He had never been to Castle Island before, though with many businesses sealed he and his mom motionless to expostulate in, after a breakfast of leftover tamales from their Christmas Eve family feast.

He pronounced his mother, Celia, also favourite it a lot, after she praised a pleasing continue and a peaceful bay in her local Spanish.

The Camposes done accessible review with a empty-nesters on a subsequent bench, Ted and Mary Prorok, who’d had a same idea. After exchanging gifts in Needham, a Proroks detected that it was a grade warmer here than in Phoenix, where their comparison daughter lives.

Instead of bundling adult for a prevalent Christmas Day travel around their neighborhood, they headed for Castle Island, where they mostly cruise in warmer months. “I said, ‘Ted, let’s go,’ ” pronounced Mary, a late nurse. “It’s only so wonderful.”

“I know it’s not normal,” pronounced Ted, a late polite operative and Vietnam maestro in a 25th Infantry Division hat, savoring a singular Christmas afternoon in a favorite summer spot. “But regardless, we’ll take it.”

Keith Bedford/Globe Staff

A immature child ran with a balloon sword on Boston Common.

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