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October 4, 2016 - Picnic Time

“It was so surreal,” pronounced Brad Eckel, who took a few photographs with his phone, adding that following they wondered if they had illusory it.

It was Eckel’s initial time during a park with his mother Kimi and children Shea, 7, and Anya, 4. They designed to eat lunch, travel a trails, collect leaves. Then, there was a moose.

“It took over a whole setting,” he said. “We were mesmerised by it. We all stopped and had an overwhelming small show. … This will substantially never occur in a lifetime again.”

They initial beheld when it was about 50-70 feet away. Then, it upheld by a picnickers and headed west. Later, it returned and headed toward a trails. Eckel estimated that a dark-colored moose was about 8 feet tall, not including a vast rack.

“He changed unequivocally light on his feet,” Eckel said.

Still, they wondered what they would do if it charged, he said.

According to a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ website, mating deteriorate for moose is from mid-September to mid-October. And while moose — Minnesota’s largest furious animal — aren’t typically aggressive, bulls in rut and a cow safeguarding a calf are exceptions.

Though unusual, there have been reported moose sightings in a Lester Park area in prior years.

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