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October 12, 2014 - Picnic Time

The city of Savannah and Parker’s presented Picnic in a Park in Forsyth Park on Oct. 5.

Imagine tighten to 20,000 song lovers with four-legged friends, baskets of delicious food and vast counter displays decorating a 30-acre park on a Sunday with ideal weather!

Lining Drayton Street are a ”decked in immature Mint Julip Queens.”

“We are Savannah ladies flouncing life, tiaras and all things female,” shares spokeslady Erica Scales, who we contingency contend is looking glowing in “buckets and buckets and yards and yards of dark immature chiffon.”

She, along with universe traveler Sylvia Severence, Kim Brown, Janet Oliver and “possible former Miss Connecticut” Meredith Gray are celebrating their “inner princess” for a initial time here during a park with a full cooking environment for 30.

With wagons, coolers and tents stuffing adult a park, we see some-more decorations with this year’s “Fly Me to a Moon” theme. One counter that represents a surprising movement of this thesis is a quirky “Country Cousins.”

Complete with overalls, straw hats and feign teeth, a Fly Me to a “Moon Shine” squad poses for a pic and we somehow conduct to behind adult and outing over Karsten Summerall. The 6-foot, 3-inch Savannah Arts Academy tyro is used to my clumsiness and we provoke him into posing for me with his friends Rhonda and Jean Arntsen.

Next we ask Savannah Summer Theatre Institute and former neighbor Warren Heilman on his attribute standing — approbation he is single, his kids are good — appreciate we really much, and he is looking like a china fox with all that glossy hair.

Warren is posing with Catie, Susan and Johnny Ganas when a always enthusiastic Scott Cohen approaches with a print ask of him with his little Yorkie, Gucci, and uber-attractive Roger Good. we focus, click and scuttle out of Terri Dressels’ way.

Whoa, stop. we backtrack and squeeze a petite redhead for a cuddle and peppers her with discerning questions. Who are we with? Are we still catering with Ms. Ullman? Single? How are your kids? Her answers, “My kids and grandkids are fantastic. we still support with Ms. Ullman and we improved not put that we am singular in a paper!”

With no some-more time to chat, we wobble my approach over to Savannah-Chatham police Cpl. Don Bryant for his common grin and hug, praise Michael Gaster for his sound imagination in today’s song set adult and conduct to get a fugitive Jason Nielubowicz over for a ideal picture.

There are thousands and thousands of people here and a liveliest organisation we accommodate are friends of Puerto Rican beauty Winette Torres, a medical billing veteran with Georgia Emergency Association. A few dozen of her family and friends are snacking on a catered feast and personification a Puerto Rican chronicle of dominos.

I’m confused after she explains that there are dual teams with dual players since we can’t remember if we ever played dominos during all! While she elaborates we see Memorial Health’s Maggie Gill and beautiful brunette Phoenicia Miracle chatting with fashionista and culinary queen Susan Mason and Fran Kaminsky.

Fran is classy. It’s that simple. we venerate her style, her still participation and many of all her hair — it’s simple, grand and stylish! While we poise a ladies with Noah, Hunter and Jay Goldstein, Bailey Gill pops adult in a pic and we snap a bright, ideal pic before streamer over to a many elaborately catered tent of a day.

Cordasco and Associates have a 20-by-20 tent filled with stations of food, good looking people like Tiffani and James Rahal and a dude with disagreeable “happy hair”, Brian Fogarty. Before we can get a full sum of his windblown look, we hear a honeyed Alabama accent uttering shameful difference and conduct over to find Bruce Beaird.

A uninformed cloak of crazy is a flattering good outline of Bruce, Brandon Branch, Jesse Valentine, his mom Kat, creatively married Christie “Wallace” Bergen and a many appealing Realtor in a South, Austin Hill. Mad that we am going to skip a Austin and a Savannah Philharmonic “An Evening during Moon River” fundraiser during Johnny Mercer’s home subsequent weekend, we petition Austin to open adult a residence again for another full moon on Moon River event.

Wishing we could stay and break on a few some-more blueberry and goat cheese crostinis, we reluctantly leave a counter and travel into a cuddle from my good friend Kaisa White and her “I can’t trust she is 14 years old” daughter Phoenix West!

Kaisa knows design custom and gets it right a initial time before Savannah Chamber’s Susan Smith pulls me over for a pic of her sons David and Gabe with wives Rachel and Janel and little Mary Jane Worthington.

By now we have missed a Windsor Forest Drumline and Johnson High School Chorus though we locate a balance from a Savannah Arts Academy Orchestra before Jeremy Davis and Clay Johnson take a stage. And what a stately accepting for a reigning jazz ensemble.

This is a ideal intro for a Savannah Philharmonic. With a object setting, tummies full, booze eyeglasses filled and some-more people here that in my whole Jefferson County — Jazz greats Jeremy Davis and Clay Johnson strike a theatre — these guys are a toast to a category act that follows.

Glasses adult to a City of Savannah, Parker’s and a internal low-pitched talent for giving us nonetheless another reason to adore vital in a biggest city in a South!


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