Candy Striper volunteers during Meadows respected with pizza celebration in 1987

September 3, 2017 - Picnic Time

20 YEARS AGO — 1997

Joseph Strazdus, a Franklin Township partner glow arch charged with arson final year, pled “not guilty” during his prosecution Aug 22. Strazdus was charged in tie with a fibre of arson fires set in May, 1996. The 3 fires enclosed a empty home on Village Road in Orange, a home on Green Castle Road in Centermoreland and during Emanuel Bus Lines on Village Road. Richard Phillips told military he was removing prepared to go fishing during 2 a.m. when he saw a man, who he identified as Strazdus, using from a residence on Village Road.

The final sailboat competition of a deteriorate was by distant a many sparkling and colorful for a Harveys Lake Yacht Club. The sky was blue with white sketchy clouds emanating from a southwest. The breeze averaged 8 knots with gusts to 12 knots. The competition authority designed a march of 6 miles utilizing all points of a breeze to move out a resourcefulness of a sailors. First place was won by Dave Hoffman sailing a Phantom; second place, Rep. Kevin and Beth Blaum; third place, Drs. Lane Giddings and Fred Schaeffer.

The Northeast Travel U-11 Girls’ Select Soccer Team, done adult of players from opposite teams in a area, went to a Pocono Cup final month. They did really good with a record of 2-1-1. Members of a organisation are Jessica Scalzo, Marina Scalzo, Meredith Lacey, Caitlin Dukas, Jamie Compton, Shannon Thomas, Gloria Pleban, Jill Albee, Katie Lykon, Katie Rhodes, Lizzy Martin, Megan Pierce, Lauren Stefaniak, Brittany Davis, Michelle Swaitek and Hallie Williams.

30 YEARS AGO — 1987

Candy Striper Volunteers during a Meadows Nursing Center, Dallas, were recently feted during a pizza celebration hold in their respect during Grotto Pizza, Harveys Lake. Certificates of Recognition were awarded by Thomas Sweeney, Administrator of a center, to 28 volunteers who finished over 700 hours of use from Jun to August. Participants are Dale Wallace, Kim Harris, Patricia Blaton, Heather Dieffenbacher, Heather Hodney, Debra Barnoski, Jennifer Babcock, Lynn Baluh, Rene Ann Barbacci, Lindee deLeur, Kristin Davis, Kelly Freeman, Christina Giovanelli, Caryn Gramley, Milissa Hopfer, Cheryl Laubenstein, Kathleen Lear, Kathy Maceiko, Michelle Mellner, Melissa Nekrasz, Sherrie Newell, Alethea Roote, Susan Rygelski, Deann Simon, Lee Anne Simon, Liane Smith, Eileen Tamanini and Cecilia Williams.

Dallas Kiwanis Club garnered a horde of recognitions and awards during a 70th Annual Convention of a Pennsylvania District of Kiwanis International hold recently in Philadelphia. Five bar members were famous for a Distinguished Kiwanian Award presented by Governor Thomas A. Muchler. The renowned members are Reese E. Pelton, Bill Kalinowski, George McCutcheon, Bernard Banks and Joseph Grimes.

40 YEARS AGO — 1977

Four Lake-Lehman annual staff members and their confidant recently attended a Varden Studio Workshop for detailed and editorial training. The 4 day seminar was hold during St. John Fisher College, Pittsford, New York and supposing knowledge in photography by lectures and unsentimental assignments supervised by Varden Studio photographers. Participants were Debbie Zurinski, Mark Durvin, Sheryl Whitesell, Mrs. Barbara Shulde and Jim Solomon.

Picnic time for new Penn State students is an informal, get-acquainted mangle conducted annually during a Wilkes-Barre campus after a ritual of induction for a tumble term. Participating in a student-faculty cruise were a organisation of Back Mountain students who began their college careers this week, including Earl Lozier, West Dallas; Mark Hession, Oak Hill; Ted Healy, Trucksville; Dave Serhan, Harveys Lake; Kevin Borton, Shavertown; Linda Kubacki, Chase; Bernadette Harris, Dallas; John Elenchko, Idetown; Karen Bolinski, Dallas; and Bob Lyle, Huntsville.

50 YEARS AGO — 1967

Mrs. Francis Ambrose and Mrs. Joe Morton are co-chairmen of a baby march during a Dallas Rotary Fall Fair on Saturday. Parents are urged to enter their offspring, adult to 5 years of age, in this event. Contestants will pull for a $25 assets bond, and there will be prizes for a youngest, a many strange costume, a funniest and a prettiest.

Elmer Daley, Dallas, was inaugurated treasurer of a Northern Pennsylvania Volunteer Firemen’s Federation during a 37th annual gathering hold during Swoyersville final week. The Federation is comprised of 150 units from 10 informal counties.

Ruth Turn Reynolds, Trucksville, has been allocated Wilkes-Barre District deputy to a Executive Committee of a Wyoming Conference Chapter of a National Fellowship of Methodist Musicians. Catherine Gilbert, Mount Zion, was inaugurated graduation secretary during a organizational assembly of a Chapter, hold during a Church Music Workshop during Endwell, N.Y. on Saturday.

60 YEARS AGO — 1957

Ninety residents of New Goss Manor, members of a New Goss Manor Home Owners Association, have submitted a petition seeking Dallas Area School Board not to make a new propagandize building on a due site in Dallas Township that includes partial of a Lipp, Newman and Rice Farms. The petition, presented to a house final week by Chester Butkiewicz, explained that benefaction skeleton for a use of a site call for a categorical opening to a propagandize to lead off Highland Avenue in New Goss Manor. Residents feel that complicated trade from propagandize busses and football spectators will diminution skill values.

Mrs. Ella Major’s night-blooming cereus blossomed Saturday night in time to pleasure a audiences during Lehman Flower Show. The outrageous blossom found pleasant regard in a alive auditorium, and non-stop a petals in delayed motion, entirely in freshness by shutting time. This is a initial time it has ever bloomed. Mrs. Major is widely famous for her success with house-plants.

70 YEARS AGO — 1947

There were several internal winners during a Greater Berwick Dog Show on Labor Day. Murray Scureman showed his immature German Shepherd, Adolph, for a initial time. He took a blue badge in a Puppy Class, being judged best of breed, and second best operative dog. Country Kennels, owned by Tom and Margaret Robinson, exhibited dual Welsh Terriers, Yanto and his son, Little Boy. Yanto won a American Breed Class, was best in multiply and second in a terrier group.

A new men’s wardrobe store to be famous as Joe’s Men’s Shop will open on Main Street, Dallas, within a subsequent week or 10 days. The store will underline customary brands of men’s and boy’s furnishings. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hand are a owners.

Nursing is apparently losing some of a interest for immature women of a Back Mountain Region. Of a category of thirty-one who purebred during a Wilkes-Barre General Hospital School of Nursing Tuesday, Vivian Ruth Kleigleng, Trucksville, was a usually internal girl.

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