Canfield Cemetery has a story that stretches behind to Sonoma County’s beginning days

June 12, 2016 - Picnic Time

That’s why, several weeks back, he went to a bar assembly and challenged a Canfield 4-H kids to take on a cleanup of a place as a bar project.

Art, who was editor of The Press Democrat for some-more than 30 years, has 88 years of Canfield 4-H history.

His mom was a owner and initial personality of a club, in a late 1920s. And Art assimilated during age 8, that creates him, we believe, a oldest 4-H alumnus in Sonoma County — and maybe beyond.

Judy Buttke, one of a stream bar leaders, told me a immature members were really receptive — “very quiet, really attentive” — to what Art had to say.

His speak was brief. There was a full agenda.

So he didn’t tell these immature people a Canfield history, that is a story that competence have come from a pages of a Zane Grey novel or a opening tilt of a John Wayne western.

I’m going to tell it for him. So they will know.

William Canfield was one of dual group (maybe three, it depends on who is revelation a tale) who survived a Whitman Massacre of 1847.

(This was one of a few massacres of settlers by Indians on a Pacific Coast. Most massacres, as we have come to understand, were finished BY white group TO Indians.)

The Canfields and their 5 children came west from their Iowa home to a Oregon Territory in 1847. They done a outing in a sight of 100 lonesome wagons streamer for a Willamette Valley to explain land.

Word of their attainment preceded them and, nearby present-day Pendleton, a Canfields were met by Marcus Whitman. Whitman is an critical figure in a story of a American northwest. A medicine and a companion to a Native Americans, he and his wife, Narcissa, had determined a encampment in 1835 (near today’s Walla Walla, Wash). It became a initial end for emigrants.

Whitman schooled Canfield was a blacksmith and urged him to winter during a mission, that was in need of his skills.

The goal had other problems, good over a blacksmith’s abilities. Earlier car trains, interlude by, had brought an widespread of measles — not customarily critical to whites with healthy immunity, though lethal to local peoples on initial contact.

A adjacent rope of once-friendly Cayuse Indians had mislaid many people, many of them children.

They blamed a goal in ubiquitous and Whitman specifically, accusing him of poisoning their children.

The Canfields had been there about a month when a Cayuse attacked, murdering Marcus and Narcissa Whitman and a dozen men.

Canfield, who was in a blacksmith shop, was shot in the hip though managed to censor in a integument and transient a massacre.

As a Cayuse took over a small village, holding a 54 women and children for ransom, Canfield set out underneath cover of night, to travel 140 miles to a nearest settlement, famous as a Lapwai Mission, to get help. It took him 6 days, though food, though sleep, he would after recall.

Meanwhile, an representative of a Hudson Bay Company had managed to release a women and children and a family was reunited in Oregon City. Canfield assimilated a celebration of group focussed on punishing a guilty Indians, though did not stay around to see 8 of them hanged.

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