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This story first appeared on babble and is reprinted with permission.

We cried when The Beast locked up Belle’s father, rejoiced when Cinderella slipped her foot into the glass slipper, and laughed when Scuttle tried to (horrendously) croon Eric into kissing Ariel. Yes, fairy tales hold a dear place in our hearts. And even better than our fond childhood memories of these tales is getting the chance to experience them again with our kids.

In honor of National Fairy Tale Day, we decided to mark the occasion with a day-long celebration. Come with us as we show you (along with some help from our Disney friends) how to celebrate in 11 easy steps:

1. Drag your kids away from their screen time and head to the library.

(Bonus points if you can get all of them out the door and into the car without a Mr. Incredible-sized meltdown.)

2. When you get to the library, remind them to use their inside voices.

(Which we know they’ll forget to do the second they see all. those. books.)

3. Explain they don’t have to run their sticky fingers over everything they see.

4. Head to the children’s corner and help them pick out a fairy tale or two. (Fingers crossed it isn’t The Snow Queen.)

5. Head to the park (or the fort in your playroom) for a fairy tale reading and picnic. (Keep an eye out for any princesses breaking into song.)

6. Set up the picnic blanket and pull out the snacks. (If only we had a Remy of our own to do the cooking.)

7. Diffuse your toddler’s out-of-nowhere meltdown, and get reading!

8. Watch your kids’ minds explode with all of the magical fairy tale happenings. (Like when the frog turned into the prince.)

9. Be prepared to explain parts of the story that don’t make much sense. (Like when the Cheshire Cat disappears.)

10. When the fairy tale is complete (and bedtime is approaching), gather the kids up to head home.

11. Convince them to sit down to dinner with the promise of reading one more fairy tale before bed.

After all, there’s no better way to send your little ones to dreamland than with a magical fairy tale – or four.

What fairy tales will you be reading with your kids today?

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