"Celebration of Life" hold for Newhall father killed in San Diego crash

January 5, 2015 - Picnic Time

More than 200 people got together Sunday to remember a “hard-working family man” from Newhall who was struck and killed in a hit-and-run trade collision on Interstate 5 in San Diego on Dec. 28.

Stephen Chavez, a 24-year-old father of an 18-month-old girl, who due to his fiancée, Bre Rader, on Christmas Day was strike by a lorry 3 days after nearby Camp Pendleton. The integrate was awaiting their second child in June.

“He due to her on Christmas Day,” Rader’s father, Bob Rader, told The Signal Sunday.

“He went out with some of his friends, there was a stalled automobile on a highway and somehow he was struck by a white truck,” he said.

“They already had a year-and-a-half-old baby girl,” Rader said. “And they were awaiting their second.”

California Highway Patrol officers are still questioning a deadly crash.

At 1 p.m. Sunday, friends and family of a immature male collected during Valencia Glen Park to share memories of an particular many described as hard-working, engaging, dynamic, energetic and caring.

Some were overwhelmed by his appetite and spirit, and others by his song and lust for life.

Friends brought blankets and cruise baskets, cases of drink and bongo drums to a celebration.

As scores of people milled around him, Jim Dorroh sat down during a cruise table, beside Chavez’s banjo and guitar, and wrote a reverence to his crony Chavez in a commemorative book.

“I only felt absolved to speak to him,” Dorroh pronounced after signing a book. “He was one of those guys we only wish to know. we called him ‘Hemingway’ and he had an brave heart.”

And while he might have been ardent about many things in his life, Chavez was many ardent about his daughter Irie, pronounced a sister of a small girl’s mother.

“He was a family man,” pronounced Chelsey Rader. “He was only removing things together for his family when it was cut short.”

Chavez worked dual jobs — portion people during a Newhall Refinery restaurant, as good as during a Egg Plantation restaurant, also in Newhall.

“He was a tough workman and he was a provider,” Bob Rader said.

But notwithstanding a prolonged hours operative for his family, Chavez found time to play song in and around a Santa Clarita Valley.

He sang and played guitar with a ska rope called a Jacuzzi Bruisers. And, during a core of all his endeavors, was his daughter.

“He sang with her,” Chelsey Rader said. “Irie would sing and dance and kick drums. We’re here celebrating him as being a good father.”

Just 6 months ago, Chavez and his fiancée distinguished their daughter’s initial birthday during a same park where a Celebration of Life commemorative was hold Sunday.

Relatives — who have set adult an online account in a name of Chavez’s daughter, Irie, and her sister, approaching to be innate in Jun — described a birth of a couple’s initial baby lady as “a miracle.”

“Through tough times and by good this family stood together and lifted a beautiful, happy girl,” a fundraising website reads.

“Stephen became a father and fast owned adult to a responsibility, vital his life for his daughter and his adore for Bre. He done certain to never skip any doctors appointments, never to skip a holiday, to work tough to yield for his family, and took all this shortcoming during a age of 24.”

Their second daughter, approaching in June, was described as a second “miracle.”

“So on Christmas this year he took that final jump as a partner and father, got down on one knee, and put a ring around Bre’s finger,” a website says.

“They spent Christmas in Big Bear, Irie’s initial time in a sleet and their initial family outing with matrimony skeleton to combine them. Their family was flourishing as they designed to live their life together and to adore any other forever as they do their daughter.”

Anyone wishing to minister to a account set adult in a name of Irie and her sister approaching to be innate in June, is urged to revisit a website: https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/2357/rip-stephen-chavez-please-help-the-future-of-his-family.



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