Chainsaw-wielding male indicted of environment glow to cruise table

September 26, 2014 - Picnic Time

An Epping male was arrested in Chester on Wednesday after he set a cruise list on glow and threatened a homeowner with a chainsaw, military say.

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Chester military pronounced they were called to a home about 10:45 a.m. Wednesday on Fremont Road on a news of an inebriated man. Police pronounced a male was indicted of going after a homeowner with a using chainsaw.

“He had illuminated a cruise list on fire,” pronounced Chief William Burke. “Prior to removing there, (the officer) was also suggested that a theme had started a chainsaw and was chasing a proprietor homeowner around a yard with a chainsaw.”

Burke pronounced a homeowner was perplexing to urge himself with peppers spray. He pronounced a man, identified as Kyle Kappotis, of Epping, knew people during a house.

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When military arrived, a homeowner pronounced Kappotis had fled into a woods. Police chased a male and yelled during him to stop, though he refused, military said.

The male eventually stopped running, and military found him perplexing to censor underneath a depressed tree. They were means to take him into custody.

Chief Burke says it was a bizarre and dangerous box that he won’t shortly forget.

“Normally, Chester is bustling on Halloween night and we see things like that on the categorical travel here.  But it’s been utterly a while given I’ve seen something as bizarre as this,” he said.

Kappotis was charged with rapist threatening, rapist effect and facing arrest.

He was arraigned Thursday, and bail was set during $200.

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