Champagne Six-Packs Have Arrived Just in Time for Picnic Season

May 25, 2017 - Picnic Time

Real talk: We’re unequivocally not certain bringing Champagne to picnics was ever a thing. Lugging a outrageous potion bottle all a approach to a park? No, thanks.

Well, anyway, now it can be. Just in time for all your Memorial Day vacations and roadtrips and other ubiquitous excursions, Moët is charity little bottles of Champagne in six-packs. That means we and all your friends can receptacle around particular portions of a things though carrying to worry about toting around a massive, complicated bottle. Brilliant.


The six-packs have been dubbed the Moët Mini Share Pack. Cute name, right? Within any box come six 187-milliliter bottles of Moët’s classical Imperial Brut Champagne, and a innovative wrapping seems as though it’d concede we to lift a box around regulating temporary card handles (just as we would a six-pack of beer). Each bottle also comes with “golden shriek toppers,” that meant we don’t even have to move cups.

That is, if we don’t devise on jubilee true out of a bottle.

If all of this sounds too good to be true…it arrange of is. The packs are accessible nationwide, though usually if we bombard out a cold $100.


Still, you’ve got to acknowledge that bubbly drinks make any special arise feel some-more festive, and a mini bottles are usually plain adorable. As Moët betrothed in a press release, “This new take on a classical six-pack is a ideal approach to rouse any celebration, permitting guest to suffer their possess personal bottle of Champagne.” 

Anyway, if you’d rather not dull out your whole wallet, we can always conduct to New Orleans instead and try a singular portion of mini Champagne during a Moët  Chandon vending machine.

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