Charge forsaken opposite maestro confronting jail time for portrayal cruise table

August 24, 2015 - Picnic Time

WASHINGTON — A Prince William County maestro confronting a year in jail for portrayal a cruise list during his unit formidable though accede is “overwhelmingly happy”, after prosecutors declined to prosecute him.

Mickey Triplett, a Marine and late corrections officer tells WTOP he “was confident and a small shaken and really prayerful” when he entered District Court Monday, confronting a misconduct assign of drop of property, that could have resulted in a year behind bars or a $2,500 fine.

In court, Prince William County prosecutors announced they were dropping a assign opposite a male who embellished a weathered wooden cruise list white, to make it respectable for his granddaughter’s visit.

“I am so sorry, we am so deeply contemptible that we took a beginning and did it though seeking permission,” says Triplett.

Triplett’s profession told him final week prosecutors would expected confirm not to prosecute a former Marine who served from 1980 to 1988, and worked as a D.C. corrections officer for 22 years.

Still, Triplett was endangered that prosecutors would find to try a case.

“The requirement of a prosecutor is not usually to prosecute a guilty, though to strengthen a innocent,” Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Ebert tells WTOP. “It’s a box we would not prosecute since it doesn’t go in a rapist court, in my judgment.”

Ebert, who has sent some-more murderers to a genocide cover than any prosecutor in a country, says he didn’t consider Triplett’s was a prosecutable case.

“We would never have been means to infer rapist intent,” says Ebert. “At best it’s a quarrel between dual parties and something that doesn’t arise to a rapist level.”

Triplett, 53, changed out of Potomac Ridge Apartment shortly after a Jul incident.

Acknowledging he was frightened during a idea of going to jail, Triplett is relieved a matter has been resolved, with a assistance of his pro bono profession and a preference by prosecutors.

“I’m in sum dishonesty that something could go so fast when a right people get on your side,” Triplett said.

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