Check collection report before slicing limbs

December 8, 2014 - Picnic Time

I am formulation to sinecure a lawn/landscaping executive to trim my trees and bushes. Will a city collect adult a tree limbs, or is a executive obliged for hauling a limbs away?

If we sinecure a executive to trim your trees and bushes, afterwards a executive is obliged for stealing a limbs and clippings from your property.

If we sinecure a contractor, always be certain to ask if a cost of ordering is included. The city offers collection services for residents/consumers though does not offer blurb services.

For those residents formulation to cut their possess trees, brush and limbs are picked adult on a quarterly report via a year. The city is divided into 4 areas. Each area gets visited 4 times a year for 3 weeks per cycle.

Before slicing your limbs, greatfully check a collection report accessible on a city’s website. Visit for a map of your residential area and afterwards deliberate a quarterly collection report to find out when City crews will be in your area picking adult limbs.

This will assistance forestall residents from carrying vast bundles of limbs sitting out on their quell for extended amounts of time, that is wrong according to city code.

If we are in cycle, definition a trucks are scheduled to be in your area, we can call and report adult to 6 cubic yards of brush, 4 feet by 4 feet by 10 feet – about a measure of a vast cruise table, for collection. This collection is during no additional cost and enclosed as partial of your monthly H2O bill, and residents are authorised 4 limb-brush pickups per year. However, after a initial 6 yards has been picked up, any remaining brush will be collected, with a capitulation of a homeowner, during a cost of $1.50 minute.

For those in need of additional prong collection or if we missed we quarterly pickup, additional charges will ask when your area is out of cycle or there is some-more than 6 cubic yards placed out for collection. Items measuring adult to 6 cubic yards, 4 feet by 4 feet by 10 feet, will catch a $1.50 per notation fee. If we ask some-more than 4 prong and brush pickups during a year, we will be charged a $20 use price and a $1.50 per notation fee.

In 2013, a city formula was nice with some changes per brush and bulky-item pickup. The city formula states brush and massive equipment should not be placed by a quell earlier than 48 hours before a scheduled collection time.

It is taboo to leave brush and limbs by a quell outward of your designated pickup report or but initial creation a collection appointment. Those not abiding by a city formula will be theme to fees. As partial Ordinance No. 2-13-1, a city’s formula coercion bureau will “tag” brush and limbs left during a quell for mixed days. Residents will accept a notation giving them 7 days to mislay or drop a items. If a equipment are not removed, a city’s plain rubbish dialect will pickup a items, and residents will catch a use price of $20 and $1.50 per notation and an executive price of $137 on their subsequent H2O bill.

The city will collect adult to 3 bundles of firmly tied landscape brush – tree trimmings, sidestep clippings and identical element – on any unchanging rabble collection days. The bundles contingency be reduction than 4 feet in length, reduction than 2 feet in hole and import reduction than 50 pounds. If they will fit, we can also place twigs and yard rubbish in aged rabble cans or brownish-red paper grass bags out by a curb, and they will be picked adult on a same day as your unchanging rabble pickup.

If we have questions or need assistance, greatfully call a plain rubbish dialect during 361-485-3220 or a environmental services dialect during 361-485-3230.

Do we have a doubt about a city of Victoria? Please contention your questions and comments about any city dialect to Jennifer Sourdellia in a Communications/Public Information Office by emailing or mail to P.O. Box 1758, Victoria, TX 77902.



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