Children go to God

March 31, 2018 - Picnic Time


Since a birth of a initial of a 5 grandchildren, I’ve kept journals for them. Written as an ongoing conversation, they request achievements along with support and hope.

Among a pages are propagandize programs, records to Gram, some art pages, small mementos that a girls have expected lost about, though might one day spin found treasure.

As life becomes busier a comparison they are, my entries are fewer; we acknowledge they are kaleidoscopic with a small some-more lamentation on how a time together has shifted.

From a disturbed initial cold, rootless toddler steps, pretence or provide costumes, puppies and birthday parties, to soccer wins, homecoming dances and college plans, we wish these journals assistance give root, a clarity of place, to these implausible immature women.

The girls know about their journals. An occasional organisation crop by one has been provender for some teasing around, though they always lapse a volume to it’s allocated shelf in my office.

In one account, Addison, afterwards age 3, set adult a cruise on a TV room building with her small immature sweeping and my emptied hankie basket filled with cosmetic food. She called me a integrate times that a cruise was ready, and we pronounced only a minute, while we finished adult in a kitchen.

When we came in several mins later, we found her holding a sweeping behind to a couch. we said, where’s a picnic? Too late, she said, cruise is over! In that moment, we schooled about hedging with her; too bad for me. we missed a smashing picnic.

From Psalm 127:3-5 we learn about children being God’s prerogative to us, and that they go to Him, and are rarely valued.

When a small children were brought to Jesus (see Matt 19:13-15) and He laid hands on them in prayer, a disciples rebuked those who brought them. They contingency have lost what He pronounced about children: “Let a small children come to me, and do not impede them, for a dominion of sky belongs to such as these.”

In Genesis 17:7 we also see that children of believers go to God and are in His compact with Abraham.

When we consider about a girls holding their journals with them some day, we consternation if I’ll be prepared to spin them over. There are precious memories in those pages, those small moments that evaporated too fast into a fuzz of life.

It all comes behind to trust and faith in God. As most as He binds me by my right hand, He binds their hands. He guides me with His counsel, and He guides them. He will take us all into excellence (Ps.73:23-24).

And from Isa.40:11, we know He tends His group like a shepherd. He gathers lambs in His arms and carries them tighten to his heart; He kindly leads those that have young.

I will continue to refurbish a journals as prolonged as we can. Whether a ink fades or a pages spin frail with age, it doesn’t matter. Whether my mind fades or my hands spin unbending with age, it doesn’t matter. The girls will write their possess endings someday. And God will still be there holding their hands.

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