Christmas suggestion shines during Picnic in a Garden

December 25, 2017 - Picnic Time

FOR Janet Newman, Christmas is a many smashing time of year and it’s a day that no one should spend alone.

That’s why, for a past 4 years, Mrs Newman has organized a annual Picnic in a Garden to safeguard anybody who was not surrounded by friends or family on Christmas Day, would have contented company.


Picnic in a Gardens - 3 generations of Lanes - (L) Elaine, Jim, Aleisha, Keilea, Jack and Owen from Hervey Bay.

“It’s for anyone who doesn’t wish to be during home alone or for couples who don’t have people to speak to,” she said. “It’s unequivocally pleasing to see everybody come together and applaud Christmas even if they don’t unequivocally know who’s there.”

More than 200 people attended a day’s festivities that was orchestrated by Mrs Newman and 45 volunteers who selflessly put their possess Christmas Day skeleton on reason to horde a event.


The event, run during Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens, has been using for 10 years and was started by Brian Hoole.

When Mr Hoole left city 4 years ago, Mrs Newman took over. This year, Mrs Newman pronounced a group catered for vegans as good as beef eaters and were positively not brief of food.

“We had games in a dilemma for kids, a food table, fruit platters and thereafter Christmas cake and custard,” she said.

“Santa arrived during 2.30pm and he handed out a tiny present.”

Mrs Newman thanked everybody who was concerned in creation a day possible.

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