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February 5, 2015 - Picnic Time


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It’s impending a finish of summer when a foreigner arrives in a southeast Kansas city of Independence looking for work. The intrigue and guess that follows him will reveal on a Chanute High School theatre this weekend when a play dialect performs a award-winning play, “Picnic.” 

Written by Independence internal William Inge, a play non-stop on Broadway in 1953 and was blending into a suit design in 1955. It sum a lives of typical Americans, from carefree mothers, to maudlin teenagers, an ill-natured spinster and nervous wayfarer during a 1950s.

Jillian Wilson plays a widow who runs a boarding residence to

support herself and her two teenage daughters, played by Mercedes Ansell and Cassidy Bennett. When a immature stranger, played by Tanner Ammons, shows adult in their area looking for work, he attracts a courtesy of both girls, yet a eldest has a critical boyfriend, a college tyro from a good family.

Each of a expel members have faced their possess set of hurdles during rehearsals, as they try to execute 1950s characters who are traffic with their possess squashed hopes and sad pipedreams.   

 “I have to accept a fact my oldest is flourishing adult and that’s unequivocally hard,” pronounced Wilson about a mom Flo Owens, “who is not used to change. There are some tools where we have to get unequivocally sentimental, so that’s awkward.”

Ansell has worked outward her comfort section to play a purpose of Madge, whom she describes as a lady who hasn’t entirely detected herself and is acid for loyal love.

“I’m some-more of a tomboy, so perplexing to play a purpose of a girlie lady was hard,” Ansell said. Her impression is “the lady subsequent door, really beautiful, though not a smartest, though she has a ideal beloved she’s approaching to marry, and afterwards this puzzling male comes into town…”

Getting an inside perspective of a daughters’ antics is Rosemary, a propagandize clergyman who lives in a boarding house, played by Danielle Harman. Rosemary is a difficult impression though easy to describe to since she says one thing though thinks another.

“She thinks she’s eccentric though afterwards she has all this things inside” and reacts emotionally, Harman said. It’s tough to execute all of Rosemary’s emotions, quite when she attacks Hal’s impression “because a annoy is tough to portray.”

Travis Leach, who plays Rosemary’s crony boy, not boyfriend, is raid by issues that mystify his life as a successful businessman. Howard is perplexing to censor his attribute with Rosemary from Mrs. Owens, though during a same time he’s perplexing to make a attribute work, Leach said.

“She knows we’re good friends,” though there’s a excellent line between being a crony and a boyfriend, he added.

The CHS prolongation of Picnic is destined by Katie Farrell, who pronounced she chose a play since a internal ties make it engaging and since it is splendidly written.

“A lot of the character’s actions are open to interpretation,” she said. “This has been a biggest plea when operative on this play … Do a characters indeed meant to means trouble, or does difficulty follow them everywhere they go, no matter what?” 

The uncover will be achieved Friday and Saturday, during 7 p.m. in a propagandize auditorium. Tickets cost $5 for adults and $3 for students and might be purchased during a door.  

The expel in Picnic includes:

Tanner Ammons as a stranger, Hal Carter; Thomas Whittley as Alan Seymour, a college student; Travis Leach as Howard Bevins, Rosemary’s friend; Ryan Gamble as a Bomber; Jillian Wilson as Flo Owens, a mother; Mercedes Ansell as Madge Owens, a comparison daughter; Cassidy Bennett as Millie Owens, a younger daughter; Danielle Harman as Rosemary, a tenant; Allyson Thomas as Mrs. Potts; Cierra Stange as Irma; and Destiny Kappler as Christine.

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